Sunday, April 22, 2012

Accidental Shooting of Yakima Man by Himself - Several Charges

The Yakima Herald reports

According to court records, two women told police Castilleja had been playing with a revolver before placing bullets in the cylinder. Then while spinning the cylinder and pointing the weapon at his chest, he inexplicably pulled the trigger, discharging a round, police said.

Since convicted felons aren't supposed to have guns, Castilleja was arrested after the April 7 incident and charged with felony charges of illegal possession and possession of a stolen firearm. Court records did not indicate how seriously Castilleja was hurt, but he was apparently well enough to appear in court within five days.

However, in a second display of self-inflicted pain, authorities allege that Castilleja phoned friends asking them to contact the witnesses to have them tell police that he'd been shot in an attack.

Problem was, calls from jail are automatically recorded, detectives said. As a result, they are now asking that charges of witness tampering be added to the firearms charges.
Now he sounds like a real genius. Good thing there are no lawful gun owner like that. What do you think? Was he playing Russian roulette to show off for the girls? And that call from jail, everybody knows those calls are monitored. What's wrong with this guy?

I say again, thank goodness the gun owners in America are divided neatly into two distinct groups, the criminals ones and the lawful ones.

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