Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Houston Man Killed While Chasing Burglar

The Houston Chrinicle reports

A 20-year-old man was shot to death after he and his friends tried to stop two men from burglarizing his girlfriend’s car at an apartment complex in north Harris County.

You see, the reporting of this story is immediatley slanted in favor of the "victim." Here's what really happened.

Officials said deputies who were dispatched to the scene found the man shot death along the road. They said the victim was shot after chasing two men who had been breaking into his girlfriend’s car.

The victim’s brother told investigators that he, the victim and several of their friends were at the victim’s apartment when they saw two men breaking into the car. They went outside and confronted the would-be burglars, who ran away in separate directions. The men chased the would-be thieves and at some point the victim was separated from his friends and brother. Later the Good Samaritans said they heard several gunshots and found the man dead.

Now, that's a little different than getting killed trying to STOP a burglary.

What's your opinion?  Is it right to chase criminals once they've stopped doing whatever they were doing?

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  1. Now let's imagine that the good guys here were armed. The thugs could have been held for the police. If a shooting had to happen, the right person could have been shot. But do keep advocating for disarming the victims.

  2. Wait - isn't your scenario the basis for Spiderman? Peter doesn't see it as his responsibility to stop a criminal and the guy goes on to kill Peter's uncle

  3. It was incorrect to confront the burglars at all. The men that did the chasing voluntarily put themselves in harms way for what should have been a simple insurance claim. Their first action should have been to call the police and be good witnesses and perhaps snap a photo or two.

  4. Police have no suspects. Victim was not with others in posse. No witness to the crime has come forward. Hmmm, maybe it's not zackly what is being reported.