Saturday, May 12, 2012

Accidental Shooting of Helena Arkansas ex-Mayor by Himself - He's Dead

Arkansas on-line reports

A coroner in eastern Arkansas says a former Helena mayor has died of an apparent accidental gunshot wound.

Phillips County coroner Earnest Larry says former Helena Mayor Robert Miller was apparently cleaning a weapon when it went off. Authorities discovered his body at his home in Helena-West Helena on Thursday.

Larry says there’s no autopsy planned and that the body is being released to a funeral home.

Larry says he didn’t know what kind of weapon Miller was cleaning or when the gun went off.
How can people who have been around guns all their lives do something like this? Who could possibly be cleaning a gun and not know it's loaded or that it has a round in the chamber?

The answer is obvious, lots of people. They're in the news every day. Sometimes they kill themselves, somethings they kill others. More often the damage is not that great, but the fact remains too many gun owners are dangerous and unfit to own and handle guns responsibly.

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  1. At least he's lost his gun rights, eh?

  2. Amazingly, no charges were filed.

  3. What is most astonishing to me is that the Coroner claims that he does not know what kind of weapon was used or what time it happened? Really? You have no clue? Wasn't it laying next to the body?