Sunday, May 6, 2012

Accidental Shooting of Tennessee 14-Year-old by her Brother - No Charges

The Commercial Appeal reports

A 14-year-old Collierville girl remains in serious condition today after she was accidentally shot Saturday by her 17-year-old-brother, Collierville police said today.

The shooting happened about 2:45 p.m. on Fabert Cove in Halle Plantation. The weapon was a 9 mm handgun, said Lt. Tom Beard, Collierville Police detective. An investigation is ongoing.
Of course there are no charges, it was just an accident. That covers the teen-age brother. And there was not even a mention of dear old dad.

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    Here ya go - updated story with both the son and mother (owner of the gun was a young, slim, white woman so no worries about this being a gun nut incident) charged with aggravated child endangerment and reckless endangerment.

  2. So, you're saying Jim that this mom wasn't a classic old, white, flabby and crabby NRA member?

    Here is what the article you linked noted:

    Ward recently bought the gun after an attempted break-in at their home. She didn't think the police department responded fast enough, Ballin said. Police records don't show a report filed for that incident.

    So, it sounds like mom here never called police about any attempted break in. If mom never contacted the police, of course they don't show up 'fast enough'.

    Did mom take any training course, or have any kind of permit to own this firearm? Doesn't sound like it. So where did she get the gun?
    Doesn't sound as if it came from any FFL or commercial establishment.

    So.....based on what is included in the story, this must be a gun from one of those private transfer loopholes that are such a HUGE part of the gun culture problems, ranging from accidents and other dangerous firearm discharges to murder /suicides and homicides, as well as guns used in other crimes.

    Ballin disputes the police report that said Ward told them she gave her pistol to her son "to play with" and to make sure the magazine was fully loaded.

    Oh, THANK GOD she didn't call it a clip, but used that responsible term 'magazine' that good gun owners use when they hand a loaded lethal weapon to a minor for amusement. It is so important that we safeguard the 2nd amendment rights of the irresponsible, without any regulation or limitation, so they can be free to be stupid and dangerous to innocent strangers and family and friends equally!

    "The son told officers his mother gave him the gun to "mess with." He removed the magazine and believed the gun was cleared before it discharged, police records show.

    The girl's boyfriend told officers that her brother was playing with the gun and "jokingly pointed the gun in their direction" when it discharged."

    Nothing like the NRA dong their damnedest to stop mandatory safety classes as a requisite for gun ownership, gun ownership for everyone - because as Greg Camp will assure us, we have to trust everybody with deadly weapons, no matter how often THAT is a disaster. He and the other gun lunatics just have to put the dumb in freedumb.

    I hope that law enforcement confiscates this firearm and that it is not returned and that both mom and junior are held accountable, including no future gun ownership.

    Because maybe they learned their lesson....... and maybe they did not. But of course the NRA and gun nuts don't want us to require leanring the lessons before getting the guns, or any limitations on getting the guns....or limitations on how securely the gunz are stored....

    They just want to sell lots and lots and lots more gunz to make the gun manufacturers rich. A little death and injury is an acceptable price to pay for their fetish fantasy.

    1. Dog Gone, now that Democommie has told the world that he's taking his rubber duckie and going home, you're here to take my name in vain?

      You can't understand freedom and responsibility. When I first started down the path into the gun nut forest, I studied the matter carefully, both before and after buying my first gun. I took a concealed carry class in part to learn more. I follow the safety rules--Jeff Cooper's, not yours. I've never had a negligent discharge, and I've never shot anyone.

      I say all that to point out your attitude that gun owners are irresponsible. Note that I didn't qualify "gun owners." Democommie would call me a liar, but my assessment of you is that you see all gun owners as bad people. The irony is that you have had a carry license and have had a gun. In your mind, you're the rare example of a good gun owner. In fact, you're the most dangerous kind of person to have a gun. You are impervious to the criticism and advice of others. You "know" yourself to be right.

      Dog Gone, by all means, never have a gun.

  3. dog gone,
    Did you have to take a training course to get your CCW? You know, the license you want to deny other women?

    1. Very good question. Also, which state is your CCW in? It would be nice if we all knew the requirements.

  4. Mike - are you going to correct or update the headline now that charges are pending?

    1. No. I may write another post but at the time of this one, that's the way it was.

    2. Ok, how long do you give the cops to conclude an investigation and decide whether or not to press charges? I think my follow up story was posted the next day - 24 hours to press charges does not seem like a big deal to me. It makes me wonder how many other stories that you claim were "no charges" do in fact have charges a few days later. This happens to be a local story for me, so I was aware of what the newspaper had been writing about it.

    3. Jim, since you want to keep such an accurate accounting, let's not forgot all those who are charged but eventually bargained down to a slap on the wrist or nothing at all. They're probably the biggest group.