Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Accidental Shooting of Tennessee Student with Air Soft Gun - Juvenile Charges Possible

Local news reports

It happened on Monday morning as students were waiting at the bus stop to go to Gene Brown Elementary School. 

Police said a young student offered to show the gun to another female student. She declined, he pulled it out anyway fired it several times and one of the plastic projectiles hit her in the head. 

School officials said that the boy who brought the gun would be with a delinquent juvenile offense.

This is the second time in a week airsoft guns have caused problems for area schools. Last Wednesday, two teenagers were arrested for firing at an Overton High School bus in Nashville.
The reason I say ban them sumbitches is because the police often respond to reports involving these so-called toy guns. In some cases kids get shot by the police as a result.

But, today's story points out another reason why.

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  1. If you don't want to ban real guns, why do you want to ban toy guns?

    By the way, I used to be involved in education in Nashville. Overton High School is one of the most dangerous in the county. It and several others in the system are prep. schools for prison. They have thousands of students crammed into rundown buildings. My solution would be to take on the problems in our schools.

    1. I don't really want to ban anything. I just thought "ban them sumbitches" sounds cool. I do think something needs to be done with the realistic-looking replicas, maybe banning.

    2. Mikeb, first you were for a ban before you were against it? Make up your mind, would you?

    3. I can't. I definitely don't want to ban all real handguns but I'm not so sure about the replicas.

    4. Can you clarify that position a little? Clearly you want to ban all handguns in some places (cities like DC, Chicago, San Francisco). Is it that you don’t want to ban all handguns everywhere?

    5. No, TS, it's just all handguns that are assembled and out of a safe that he wants to ban.

    6. TS, My position has been made clear many times. I don't want to ban handguns, if by ban we mean completely eliminate for civilian use. I want tougher restrictions. I want to raise the bar of who can qualify for ownership and concealed carry.

      You knew all that, why are you breaking my balls?

    7. Because we don't believe you.

      You associate with gun grabbers. You ever heard the saying, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me"? The Brady Bunch tried to fool us in the 90s, and we've seen where that went. We won't be fooled again, not by them and not by you.

    8. No, I don’t know that. I know you supported DC and Chicago’s handgun bans. Are you now telling me that you never did, or have since changed your mind? It is possible that you don’t want a nationwide ban on handguns, which is why I asked for that specific clarification (ban all handguns some places- OK : ban all handguns all places- not OK?). But at the same time you keep telling us that local restrictions/bans are useless if not implemented everywhere. But then you only say that in the context of implementing it everywhere- not getting rid of a useless local ordinance.

    9. By the way Mike, I am not trying to break your balls. If you want to tell me that you have changed your mind about handgun bans, I will accept that. If you want to tell that you are glad the good citizen’s of DC and Chicago can now keep a handgun under heavy restrictions, I will accept that. If you want to tell me that you stop short of full support of Heller/McDonald because it affirms an individual right (which we know you don’t agree in), I will also accept that. But I would ask how you would prevent what happened in DC and Chicago without that individual right.

      Or maybe this is the best way to sum up your position: You don’t want bans on all handguns, but you want something to happen. You won’t actively campaign for bans on all handguns, but you don’t oppose it either. And you want it to be legally possible to ban all handguns because you want the individual right removed. You won’t be the one pushing for it, but you would vote for a total ban on all handguns if someone else proposed it (because a total ban is better than doing nothing).

      How’s that?

    10. TS, I honestly don't remember supporting the DC and Chicago gun bans, but if I did a couple years ago I have evolved. Furthermore, I've been pretty clear about how I stand, so if you're trying to play "gotcha" just drop it, will ya. That's a drag.

      Greg says he doesn't believe me. Is that your problem too?

    11. Mikeb, the proposals that you want passed? Plus or minus some tiny details, those are the rules in Chicago and D.C. Both cities were forced to accept gun ownership as a right by the Supreme Court, and both cities have been fighting to block anyone from being able to comply with their new rules.

      That's why we don't trust you. We see what other gun grabbing people and governments do when they get the powers that you advocate. You ask for trust, but we've seen where it leads. What else you got?