Saturday, September 8, 2012

Accidental Shooting Death in the Bronx - A Cop Did It

A Bronx bodega worker was accidentally shot and killed by a police officer responding to an armed robbery inside the store early Friday morning, according to law enforcement officials.

Police say a gunman wearing a ski mask and two other men entered the bodega at 631 East 169th Street at 2 a.m. Friday and ordered the store's night manager and another employee to lie on the floor. The gunman also struck the night manager in the back of the head. The gun was not loaded, police said.

A passerby who witnessed the robbery in progress called 911. As police arrived, two of the suspects fled to the back of the store and basement. At that point, Felix Mora, the night manager, and Reynaldo Cuevas, the other employee, ran out of the store

19-year-old Cuevas followed Mora and was accidentally shot dead by an officer as he exited the store. In surveillance footage shared by police at a press conference Friday afternoon, Cuevas is seen colliding with the officer as he runs out of the store.
The New York Police are having a bad couple of weeks. I can't help but thinking inadequate training is at fault. The possibility of accidentally shooting someone, whether it's collateral damage like at the Empire State Bldg. or shooting someone who suddenly runs into you, could be greatly diminished with more frequent training. This should be expected of gun owners.

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  1. How about you go back and look at all our comments with regard to the Empire State Building debacle? You argued up and down that I didn't know what I'm talking about when I claimed that the NYPD is insufficiently trained, despite the evidence that I showed you. The fact is that compared to these clowns, I have received a lot of instruction, and I get in far more practice than they appear to do. That's because I enjoy firearms.

    But that's not the point. Rather than admitting that your side has been wrong when it claims that the police are so much better trained than we are and so are the only people professional enough to have a gun (you've seen that video, right?), you compound the nonsense by calling for more control.

    1. Greg, you better go back and reread. The only thing we argued over during the Empire State shooting was whether NYC is a gun free zone or not. I cleaned your clock on that one, but I never, ever would argue that the cops are adequately trained. They're not.

      You often say I think the cops are the only ones who should have guns. That's bullshit. What I say is civilian AND LEO GUNOWNERS need to be better qualified and trained.

    2. You're the only person who thought you won that discussion, Mikeb. I laid out facts regarding the NYPD's inadequate training, and you focused on a losing debate about whether New York City is effectively a gun-free zone for its citizens.

      You often accuse me of swallowing NRA rhetoric on the subject of guns. In this case, I'm pointing out Brady Bunch nonsense--that's a frequent claim from said organization that cops are the only ones who should have them.

      But again, you ignore my statement that many of us gun owners are better trained, especially the ones who comment here. That idea runs counter to your narrative.

  2. well, i think mike wins all his discussions with greg because greg has a one-track mind and never met an irresponsible gun owner. i could introduce him to 100's of them in miami neighborhood.........tom webber-miami

    1. And I know lots of responsible gun owners. Perhaps that says a lot about the people that we each associate with.

      Regarding your one-track mind silliness, you obviously don't know me and haven't taken the time to learn anything. Of course, your obsession with getting guns out of our society must take up a lot of your attention.