Thursday, September 6, 2012

What Obama Did


    Whoever wrote tat must be dizzy as a top from all that spinning.
    46.7 million plus on food stamps, actual unemployment at 22% plus and how much is a gallon of gas, currently.
    Oh, and I'd love to see someone prove bin Laden is dead.
    orlin sellers

    1. Orlon fluff for brains, we have Al Quaida admitting he is dead. We have his wife who was shot admitting he is dead.

      Was that you or Crunchy who believed that the Japanese didn't invade mainland US because of private gun ownership?

      You're probably a birther, you are probably so dim you think the moon landing was staged.

      We have growth of GDP rather than contraction.

      Are YOU aware at all Orlon of all the studies which show that the more right wing you get, the more you reject facts and objective reality?

      Did you know that MRIs, actual brain scans of conservatives have shown that it is not the rational thining of their brains that are engaged, even when they think they're rational or logical? There is an entire quite extensive body of academic peer reviewed research that shows people like you are not rational, that you can't tell fact from fiction, or reality from fantasy.

      I'm absolutely serious. Right wing ideology amounts to a form of political insanity. There have been best sellers on the New York Times non-fiction list written by science journalists about crazy ignorant people like you.

      No, you don't read, not serious material. You're not capable of it, nor do you possess a capacity for critical reasoning to understand it even if you did try.

      There are a lot of contenders, but you might just have achieved a new low as the stupidest right wing nut /gun zombie commenting on MikeB's blog.

      I'm sure if I nominate you for that distinction, Laci will second my nomination.

      What a maroon. Your knowledge of economics would fit on the head of a pin with room left to inscribe the Declaration of Independence.

    2. My poor dimwitted plutonic love, DG, hearsay from Al Quaida [sic] is not proof of anything.

      But, thank you for ignoring every FACT I provided.

      My dearest, thank you so much for bringing up the Right wing ideology which I detest. So, that kinda makes you look foolish lumping me with those folks. So sorry, honey.

      I am surprised how easily you are impressed, but then again, you are besotted by loser Pooch, but 2% GDP means the economy is empty and coasting downhill. Oh, well.

      How does it feel to have more feet in your mouth than teeth?
      love, your darling
      orlin sellers

    3. Here we go again with Dog Gone's obsession with psychology. That field is a species of philosophy, not science. It's fine as far as it goes and within its own terms, but hardly definitive of the human condition. To her, we are merely calculating automata, conservatives being an inferior model. Those of us who know better realize that life and human nature are more complex than she realizes.

    4. Tell me this, Dog Gone. How intelligent would you regard someone to be who changed his political philosophy merely because some study suggested doing so? I'd call that person gullible.

    5. Greg, DG is another example of an educated idiot. Educated idiots are a dangerous group. They belive they are superior and the "regular masses" know nothing and are supposed to belive everything they spout.

      The educated idiots often have never done any real work, look down on those that do, belive we couldnt be successful without them. I really feel sorry for them. They cant grasp the concept that there actually is a real world out there. They live within the confines of their own mind, a kind of mental disability at best.

    6. Yup, she reminds me of Hillary Clinton cackling with glee any time she gets something done that she wants and we don't or sneering whenever she's questioned.

      My attitude is that each of us should find something that we're good at doing and do that as well as we can. That's one part of being a good person. Another part is recognizing when others are doing the same good work in their fields.

    7. Orlon, I have acryic (as in Orlon) sweaters more intelligent than you.

      If it was only Al Quaeda claimign Obama was dead, that would be one thing. However multiple sources claiming he is dead is another.

      Where you have NOTHING credible to assert he is not, nor have we had any of those little news announcements he used to make since then either.

      The navy seals have written off the guy who wrote the tell all as a crank, and as inaccurate. The navy seal charity has rejected any profits from his book.

      Seriously, you have no other premise for what you believe than you wish it were true. You don't know facts from crazy bedbugs; both are afflictions for you.

      You're batshit crazy. I can laugh at you because UNLIKE you, I get invited to rwite for serious journalism sites.

      No one wants to know what you think, and no one respects your ability to research.

    8. 1. I care what Orlin Sellers has to say. Caring doesn't always mean agreement, but that's a level of thought that you can't comprehend.

      2. You get invited to rwite [sic] for serious journalism sites? Uh huh. Once again, you make a claim to your personal superiority, a claim that conveniently comes with no evidence to support it. Kind of like all that talk about your vast education.

    9. I know Dog Gone can defend herself, but I just wanted to comment on this nonsense from Texas.

      "The educated idiots often have never done any real work, look down on those that do, "

      "Educated idiots" you forgot, usually come from the North or the North-East. The opposite, of course, is the Neanderthal, racist, biased and close-minded Southern Gentleman who dropped out of high-school to work on the family farm.

    10. You really know absolutely nothing do you poor Mikey. I didn't work the family farm, I own one of the largest ranch's in Texas. I guess a masters degree in college isn't anything but the doctorate degree isn't worth mentioning. And the opinion that many say I have more money than God makes me poor. Well I guess that may be with the Obama's in office.

      Closed minded? Your the one that's afraid to have a real discussion. Racist? You and DG promote it. Bigot? You and DG and the like show just how biggoted you are in every post.

      Neanderthal, well ok, I am a tall guy!

    11. Texas Colt wrote:They cant grasp the concept that there actually is a real world out there.

      TC, I've probably traveled more of the 'real world' than you have, and I'd also bet I've seen more of the U.S., and had the opportunity to cross more economic strata and experiences, than you have.

      I've been riding since I was 9, and I'm as comfortable on a cross country hunter jumper or a dressage horse as I am riding bareback with nothing more than a halter to round up the working horse herd for a long day of working cattle, or saddle training and neck-raining training unbroken horses - you know, the kind that is determined to remove you from their backs.

      I've done a turn in castrating everything from cats and dogs to large animals, some of which were performed with anestesthetic, and some, like swine, without, where you just have to be good and fast. I've participated in therio research as well as breeding large and small animals as part of animal husbandry, and I'm familiar with most aspects of herd health management. I've assisted at everything from cats kittening and whelping (I do love a good C-section; vet-med surgery fascinates me) to calving, foaling, and lambing. In fact, during my stint as an election judge recently, I was right at home when the preponderance of conversation during an unusually slow primary centered around lambing and kidding - not the funny kind, goats - of the other judges stock.

      I don't know where you get the notion that I'm inexperienced in working either. I've done my share of office drudgery, but I can also do mastitis checks and milk a dairy herd, AI cows, collect semen from bulls, and although I'm not that good at roping, could probably hold my own alongside you in most other aspects of cattle ranching. I can rough it as competently as any man I know, so you would be wrong.

      Although I really enjoy the aspect of AI that requires skill in the lab with a microscope. Theriogenology is an interest of mine; I try to keep up on the research literature.

      I've also butchered chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys.

      You picked the wrong set of assumptions, TCC. I'm at home on the range, and equally at home in executive suites, here or abroad.

      So, you can kiss my behind; I keep my own rabies Vx current.

    12. I am glad that you have had all those experiences, too bad you have learned nothing from them. I doubt seriously that you can "hold you own" even with one of my hands as your philosophy would prohibit it.

      World travel, not even comparable since you have learned nothing from that either. Anyone can travel, I have extensively as well but not just to see whats out there. I wasn't on vacation. But who cares about that anyway, it is this country I am concerned about.

      Your constant need to belittle everyone around you shows me that you are a small person that doesn't know how to live in reality. Your inability to accept and admit that there are people that are far better than you and just as capable or more proves that.

      Your constant need to demean the white race is very disconcerting and the constant need to not blame other races for their own actions only encourages those bad deeds.

      Just because you have attended houses of higher learning does not make you an intellectual.

      And as far as your behind is concerned, rabies would be my last worry.

    13. Greg Campy wrote:Here we go again with Dog Gone's obsession with psychology.

      Not specifically psychology; neurobiology and other fields of medicine, and a number of related fields which come up with the same conclusion.

      That field is a species of philosophy, not science. Bullshit. It is not. For example psychiatry requires both a medical degree and a degree in psychology -- or do you deny medicine is also science? How about neuro-economics? You are an ignorant git.

      It's fine as far as it goes and within its own terms, but hardly definitive of the human condition. But no doubt you believe your field of literature is? The difference between the two is objective versus subjective.

    14. Campy Greg continues:

      To her, we are merely calculating automata, conservatives being an inferior model.

      Heck no; but I am fascinated by the organic basis for thought, nor do I delude myself about the complexities of those processes.

      Those of us who know better realize that life and human nature are more complex than she realizes.

      Quite the opposite; you deny reality when it doesn't suit what you wish to believe, and misrepresent both science and philosophy -- conveniently ignoring for example, that logic actually IS a branch of philosophy.

      Greg CampSeptember 7, 2012 4:00 PM
      Tell me this, Dog Gone. How intelligent would you regard someone to be who changed his political philosophy merely because some study suggested doing so? I'd call that person gullible.

      I will try the Socratic method (since you don't read well for comprehension) and respond with a question.

      How incapable of critical thinking and intellectual honesty do you think someone is who denies overwhelming evidence of something?

      There is not only ONE study; I only mentioned one that I identified as one of many as an example. There are literally thousands of studies, over periods of decades, each supporting different aspects of the differences in thinking and in brain structure of people who engage in certain kinds of thinking. There have been multiple books from leading scientists - both Laci and I wrote here for example about Daniel Kahneman's latest book "Thinking, Fast and Slow", which discusses intuitive thinking versus slow, critical thinking. He won the nobel prize a few years ago for economics, although he is not an economist by profession.

      I've mentioned another study here in nero-economics, that measured changes in risk taking during stock market trading, which tracked fluctuations in testosterone and how it affected men becoming over-confident and taking bad risks, after a period of successes, but then in turn swinging the other way and becoming too cautious when trading was unprofitable and making more but different mistakes. Women didn't make those kinds of mistakes that resulted from testosterone driven thinking. But what was interesting was that the results of risk taking itself altered the testosterone levels above and beyond normal daily fluctuations.

      Thinking is not simple, nor is it unemotional. You incorrectly tried to do two things here - misrepresent the quantity of the science AND the quality of the science (all without knowing anything about it); and you tried to greatly misrepesent what I said about it, and to pretend my position.

      Believing ONE study might or might not be gullible; this was not one study. I cited a study as an example of a much much larger body of work; identifying areas of the brain which perform known functions as they function using an MRI, IS science.

      You seem to believe that a second rate english teacher of fiction in a backwater educational institution in a state which ranks rather low in education, in a nation which overall ranks at best in the middle of comparable developed countries, knows more than a nationally prominent science writer. Not just any writer, not just any science writer, but a writer of multiple non-fiction best sellers that are highly regarded internationally by award winning scientists who have read and commented on his work.

      Works YOU don't appear to have read, while they HAVE read them.

      Hmmmmmmmmmm who would a rational person believe has a better grasp of the subject matter?

      It isn't you Greggy. Only a seriously gullible fool would think you have any credible thoughts on this topic.

    15. Dog Gone, I think that you've misunderstood the term, proof by exhaustion. The point there isn't to flood the page with irrelevant information until your reader gives up.

      We were discussing one study that suggested that conservatives are less intelligent than their opponents politically. I question the basis of such a study. How was the person's position on the various spectra of politics determined? There are many kinds of conservatives, after all.

      My general objection to psychology--not neurobiology, by the way--is that psychologists perform simplistic studies on a few subjects and draw broad conclusions about all of us. Their ambitions far exceed their data all too often.

      But that's something that you feel sympathy for. Look at your comment. You know what I teach, you know what I read, you know everything there is to know about my state of residence--and all of that without even the slightest proof.

      Thanks for demonstrating my point.

    16. The one trying to proclaim superiority where none exists is the one who uses the [sic] designation.

      example: "You get invited to rwite [sic] for serious journalism sites?"

      That's you Greg.

      example: "hearsay from Al Quaida [sic]"

      That's Anonymous.

  2. I note that the national debt is not mentioned.
    I note that unemployment is higher than when he took office, and has risen recently.
    I note that just yesterday the Dow was flirting with going below 13,000. I further note that the Dow is not measured in dollars, as this picture attempts to present it.
    I note that the taxpayers are still some $30 billion (with a "b") in the hole for GM's bailout, and that in order to break even GM's stock price must rise to $51/share. It closed at $22.45 today.

    Stop the partisan bullshit, people. If you must watch the mainstream news, turn on CNN on one TV and FOX on another. Forget MSNBC.


    1. Wrongo on all points moonshine.

      You should stay away from that stuff; that kind of drinking is bad for you. Look at how it has prevented you from doing any proper research.

      Ahhhhhhhhhhh. You watch Fox! That explains it; watching Fox news actually makes you more ill-informed than people who watch NO NEWS AT ALL.

      The technical term is disinformation.

    2. So you agree the Dow index is measured in dollars?

    3. So Dog Gone, are you claiming that the recession is over for all Americans? Are you claiming that unemployment is at an acceptable level? How about the national debt? Are you saying that all Americans have good healthcare now? Does GM care about the environment and its workers now?

      You see, Obama told us that he had big ideas and a new vision. So far, it's just been rehash and muddling through.

    4. Poor, silly dog gone. Wrong on all counts? Hold on tight, sweetie.

      The graphic above most certainly does NOT mention the national debt. Your claim of "wrongo on ALL counts" is busted. I'm not done yet, though.

      Use Wikipedia to check my statement about the Dow being measured in dollars.

      Use CNN (of all places) to check the rest of my statements.

      So you see, dog gone, you're just plain wrong on this one. You're the one who didn't do her research. Kisses!


    5. Unemployment is NOT higher.

      The unemployment problem goes back to the crash from "dubya's" policies.

      Had it not been for the assault on the government sector jobs, there wouldn't be a problem. The current job losses are once again due to the policies of the right.

    6. and from an abc news fact check earlier this year:

      LOS ANGELES — President Obama is this week heralding the resurgence of American manufacturing as a leap toward an “economy built to last,” and a sign that he deserves a second term.

      “For the first time since 1990, American manufacturers are creating new jobs,” Obama said at a Master Lock facility in Milwaukee on Tuesday. “That’s good for the companies, but it’s also good up and down the supply chain.”

      Obama’s claim — an apparent bright spot in a sea of still gloomy economic news — is corroborated by government statistics, which show an undeniable rebound for manufacturers during his term, both in terms of productivity and employment of American workers.

      When Obama took office in January 2009, unemployment in the manufacturing sector stood at 10.9 percent and spiked to 13 percent a year later, according to the Labor Department. But in the two years since, unemployment has fallen precipitously, now holding at 8.4 percent in January 2012.

      In terms of raw manufacturing jobs, the trajectory is similarly positive, though job growth has not yet fully recouped all the losses incurred during the Great Recession or the decades before.

      Roughly 12.5 million Americans were employed in manufacturing when Obama took office, according to government data, as hundreds of thousands were being laid off. The picture has turned around since January 2010, but 690,000 jobs remain lost, according to Labor Department statistics.

      Master Lock recently brought back 100 jobs from China to the U.S. thanks to improving domestic economic conditions, making it a poster child of a trend Obama seeks to encourage.

      U.S. manufacturers have also increased production by 15 percent since the recession officially ended in late 2009, and Master Lock’s Milwaukee plant is operating at capacity for the first time in 15 years.

    7. [sigh]

      Unemployment was at 7.2% when Obama entered office. Yesterday, it went from 8.3% to 8.1%, mostly because a lot of people stopped looking for work. If we can't agree that 8.1% is higher than 7.2%, then we can't have a reality-based discussion.


      P.S.: Sources follow

    8. Are you competent to discuss the distinctions between different kinds of unemployment - say between structural unemployment and frictional unemployment? I'm guessing not. You clearly don't properly assign responsiblity for the unemployment problems, or recognize the gains made by Obama's administration.

      I don't believe you are sufficiently literate or competent in the general topic of economics to hold a reality based discussion worth the time and effort.

      I was surprised recently, in contrast, to be invited to write about economics at a new national news site, the daily journalist.

      I'm not confident that my credentials are up to writing on economics, although I think I'm certainly literate in the subject, in the sense of having a working knowledge. I don't think you have that, nor do most of the people who comment here.

      Similarly, I doubt you know enough about the Dow indeces to hold a discussion on that either. I grew up on the finer points of the Dow; it was dinner conversation 7 days a week. My father was an investment banker who became a VP at the largest regional investment banking firm in the U.S.

      I'm currently working my way through a book on the history of Hedge funds (or as they were originally called, HEDGED funds) that includes some very interesting bio content on the statistician Edward Jones - the Jones in Dow Jones AND the other Edward Jones who founded the investment firm. I bet you didn't even know where the name came from, in contrast, or who either of those people were.

      Reality based discussion? Sure, if someone who knows enough to do that ever comments here on an economic topic.

    9. Dog Gone, are you capable of making a comment without coming off as a whiny know-it-all? It surprises me that you can breathe with all the snot dripping from your nose.

      Now, if you've really been offered the chance to write for that magazine, I'll be interested to see links. I see that the Oregonian will be writing for it, but I'll try to suspend my judgement. I choose to remain skeptical, though.

      You see, you've made lots of unsubstantiated claims here. According to you, you've driven off burglers with the help of a baseball bat and a dog. You've inseminated cows. You've travelled the world. You've taken classes in every subject. And on and on.

      As far as I can tell from the evidence that you've provided, you're writing fiction. I write fiction, too. Go to my blog and look at the About page or the My Published Writing category. I've had actual publishers accept my work--look for a novel of mine to come out soon. But I know the difference between fiction and fact.

      On the subject of unemployment, we can discuss the various categories, if that's what you want to do, but let's also recognize that American citizens aren't just categories. Many of them are real people who are out of work. Many more are in jobs that aren't using their full skills and aren't paying them what they're worth. When you talk about economics, Dog Gone, you sound exactly like the image of Romney that you love to criticize.

      You're no better than the One Percenters that you hate. You see yourself as superior to everyone else. Like some Roman senator's wife, you can't understand why we poor, pathetic plebians won't bow down and accept your wisdom.

      But just like the Roman Empire, there have been tribes of supporters of personal liberty who have resisted you for a long time, and new waves of libertarians are coming across the political boundaries.

    10. @dog gone:

      Sorry, hon. You lost my interest at "Are". Could you give me the tl;dr version of how your qualifications and dinner table discussions with your dad are able to make 8.1 less than 7.2?


    11. Ah, that magic moment in any conversation with Dog Gone at which point she tells us that we're too stupid to comprehend the subtleties of her argument. It reminds me of a physics professor that I had in college. When he reached a difficult passage in an equation, he would say, here is when we wave our hands to get the answer. Her style is to provide pages of information, most of it irrelevent, followed by her own hand-waving and a random sampling of her stock of insults. Truly, she wasted her talent while inseminating cows. She should have been working as an Enron accountant.

  3. DG, if your so proud of Obama's accomplishments, you are more than welcome to take him to your country and praise him there. You guys would fit well together. Trying to out do each other or convince each other with all the lies the both of you can tell.

    Go ahead, take them with my compliments. This country has had enough of them.

  4. DG is the twit that lives in Minnesota, her and the bell ringing moron Joan Peterson.... It is the window licking MikeyB who is the expat Italian UN moron.....

  5. 60 days till the EPIC electoral drubbing.....

    Oh the salty tears of failure.......

    They will be delicious.....

    1. I think you'll be the ones with the salty tears Thomas.

    2. Drubbing, drub-bing.....

      It is gonna be epic.....

  6. Dog gone,
    Is your name Claude Nougat?