Thursday, September 6, 2012

Are We Better Off?


  1. This is a problem that Democrats have had for a long time--the inability to summarize complex ideas, the inability to give the bottom-line answer first.

  2. Why do you ask "WE". You are not included in the context of 'we' since you live outside the U.S.of A. "WE" have been wondering about that here lately. You, Mike, Laci and Dog gone seem to have a lot of interest in things that you are obviously insulated from. Why?

    1. Oh, "you've" been wondering about that lately. Well, it's been asked and answered several times already.

    2. No I said "WE". We in the context of those that read what I do, those associates of mine that I told you about. I do the typing, we all read and they have been wondering for a while and now I am curious as well.

      The only question is the one I asked, I havent seen any other questions and have never seen any answers.

      So, if you dont mind, enlighten us.

  3. I don't know who 'we' is, but if you are a Goldman Sachser, or CEO of Solyandra or any of those other benefactors of Obama's generosity with taxpayer and newly printed FED money, hell, yer doin' great.
    orlin sellers