Sunday, September 2, 2012

Guns Brought to Airports - Why?

The Daily Press reports

In the six-day period from Aug. 10 to Aug. 16, the Transportation Safety Administration seized 30 firearms at airports nationwide, including a loaded .22-caliber handgun in Newport News.

And it wasn't the only one found this year at Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport or at Norfolk International Airport.

In response to a Daily Press inquiry, the Department of Homeland Security, which includes the TSA, provided data that shows eight handguns were seized at Hampton Roads' two commercial airports since January.
Naturally the pro-gun crowd, which strives to excuse anything and everything to do with gun misbehavior, will argue that compared to the number of passsngers, this is nothing.  But I disagree.  This is something, and it's something that's difficult to understand.

I'm assuming that given the level of intelligence and perspicacity of most TSA agents, this is not the complete extent of the problem.  But the real question for me is "why?"  Why are people bringing guns to the airport in the high or possible likelihood that they'll be caught doing so?

Forgetfulness seems to be the favorite explanation.  I can't think of a better one, can you?

Does that kind of forgetfulness when it comes to the location of your gun sound like responsible behavior?  No.  Obviously not, which means that in addition to all the idiots who let their kids find their guns, and all the ones who accidentally shoot their friends and themselves, and all the ones who drop their guns from time to time, you've got another group who frequently have no idea where their gun is.

All these people are so-called legitimate gun owners.  Many of them continue to be considered that even after their incident.  This is wrong.  And this proves that the notion, very popular among gun owners, that the problem is the criminals and not them, is bogus.

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  1. We already know that there are about 600 unintentional deaths every year from firearms. I would estimate that there are a couple thousand unintentional injuries every year as well. That's it.

    Criminals are responsible for the 2 million or so violent crimes every year in the U.S., not armed citizens.

  2. The entirety of the previous comment has NOTHING to do with the OP.

    Why do idiotz wit teh gunz gotz to haz 'em at the airport? Well, you jist cain't never tell when some nannybootedjackthug of the DHS is gonna "go all post9-11" on your ass!

  3. Gunsel gunwacks are paranoid fucking morons. They all too stupid to figger the consequences of behavior beyond the end of their nose. Owning a gun is ipso facto demonstration that you are a stupid loser. 'nuff said.

    1. Good one. Thanks for the laugh.

    2. So, if a citizen wants to be armed in case they are one of the 2+ million citizens every year who are victims of violent crime, they are "paranoid".

      But an activist is not paranoid when they want to disarm citizens because the activist could be one of the 600 people who die every year from unintentional gunfire?

      Er, an activist is not paranoid when they want to disarm citizens because the activist could be one of the 50 people every year who are murder victims at the hands of citizens who were legally carrying concealed handguns in public?

      Um, what is the big risk that armed citizens pose aside from the 600 unintentional shooting deaths and the 50 murders from concealed carriers annually ... versus the 2+ million violent crimes that criminals commit annually?

    3. To Anonymous who is challenged both by spelling and by logic, you're welcome to your beliefs. I don't want them. The only thing that you may listen to from me is the fact that I'm armed, and apparently, you're not. Fine by me.

    4. Compare this post to the previous one above by democommie. Multiple personalities? Time to up the meds again Demmo.

  4. I don't know what it means that some people tried to bring firearms to airports. Maybe they are stupid. Maybe they forgot. People will always make a few mistakes here and there. That is life.

    I personally disagree with the concept of a "sterile area" with the possible exception of a chemical or nuclear plant and a secured mental hospital. Even in those cases, those facilities would have to have lots of armed guards around the perimeter and have to provide lockers so citizens could carry to the facility's entrance and then secure their firearms.

  5. I can understand requiring firearms be stored safely in the luggage compartment, since an airplane has unique dangers associated with it. We do need national carry license reciprocity to make travelling with guns easier--I've seen a prediction that the Senate will switch to Republican control this election, so perhaps that can pass, regardless of who is the next president.

    Having recently been through the TSA infringement on my privacy, I do have to wonder why anyone brings anything on an airplane that's even questionable. I stripped out all my knives, scissors, other tools, and, of course, firearms and ammunition from my carry-on bags.

  6. I choose to drive rather than fly. I just came back from west Texas for the long weekend. I can get there in an hour. I rather enjoy driving 7 hours instead, no joke. I just dont care to be jammed in a cigar tube with a bunch of people pissing and moaning about everything and dont even know them.

    No thanks, no flying. Been there, done that, got the tee shirt.

  7. Only idiots or intentional criminals would try to bring unauthorized firearms through security. For the safety of the rest of us, neither should be allowed to continue to own firearms.

    My blog post on the issue:

    From one article, which I linked to in that blog post:
    "The TSA reports that it's confiscated 821 firearms in 2012 to date (691 of which were loaded). Some were stowed away in creative places, like in a potted plant or inside stuffed animals."

    821 firearms, most loaded! Shocking and stupid. That's the NRA vision of American, folks.

    1. Please do show us the source of your claim that the NRA supports trying to carry a firearm into the passenger cabin of an airplane. Or better yet, tell us your vision of America.

    2. Baldr's right. "Only idiots or intentional criminals would try to bring unauthorized firearms through security."

      All of them should be disqualified wherever possible.

    3. The signs posted at the airport told me that carrying a firearm into the secure area is a Federal crime, so you're likely to get your wish. Once again, though, you show us that you're compassionate for anyone who commits a crime, except in the case of otherwise law-abiding gun owners. Why is that?