Monday, September 3, 2012

Accidental Shooting Death of Kentucky 18-year-old - Charges Possible

The incident happened on the evening of August 30 in Meade County. According to the sheriff, a 2012 North Hardin High School graduate, Shelby Langley, and his friend Louis Dercqu, 18, were hanging weapons on a wall for display in Langley's home in Rineyville when Dercqu accidentally discharged a 22 caliber rifle, shooting Langley in the head.

Langley died Saturday, September 1 at University Hospital.

The sheriff said the two were very good friends and that the case is being investigated as an accidental shooting with a possible charge of first degree assault if the state seeks an indictment.

The case will be presented to the Commonwealth's Attorney's office this week for a determination on how the state will proceed.


  1. Is it a first degree assault or an accident? First degree assault shows intent, an accident does not show intent.

    I doubt that it would rise to an assault charge. Likely something much less if any.

    1. Bteween assault and accident there is negligence, or at least there should be.

    2. To which I will agree with you on Mike. Someone was surely negligent on the handling of those firearms. To what degree is up to the investigators. I will come out in due time.

    3. It will come out in due time. Not "I". Sorry, I think I need a new keyboard. Hey, put a edit button on here Mike. It would help me anyway.