Sunday, September 2, 2012

Accidental Shooting of Georgia Man - No Charges

Local news reports

The .25-caliber bullet struck Morales-Santos in the chin, turned downward and traveled through his throat and into his chest but did not hit any vital organs, Colquitt County Sheriff’s Office Cpl. Ronald Jordan said. Morales-Santos was expected to recover.

“He and two other friends were in a field shooting guns,” Jordan said. “One had fired a full clip and thought the gun was empty and was waving it around. Apparently Fidel Cruz accidentally discharged the gun and struck Eduardo in the chin.”

Although Cruz had taken the clip out of the pistol, apparently a bullet was chambered and had not been fired.

Cruz, who went to the hospital with Morales-Santos, fled when he saw police cars arrive there, Jordan said. Because the stories of the witness and Morales-Santos match, the sheriff’s office does not plan to file charges.
Even though he fled, the police still determined that no charges should be filed. That's how much they love their guns in Georgia and cover for each other's blundering behavior.

It was only an accident, after all.  Forgetting there's a round in the chamber, plus aiming the gun at someone, and pulling the trigger, that's all just one big accident.  It could happen to anyone.  Right?

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  1. Mike, you have a serious misunderstanding of how our legal system and laws work. The reason there are no charges is that the "victim" of the accidental shooting didn't press charges. Some times an accident only becomes a crime if the victim feels his or her rights have been violated. You need to start doing some studying on our legal system if you're going to start making accusations about how flawed it is because in this case, there was no crime committed. Case closed.

    1. Listen, stop trying to pretend I'm so ignorant I don't know what I'm talking about. That's dishonest of you.

      In all these posts I'm lamenting the fact that it isn't illegal to act negligently with a gun. I'm not saying it is and they're just not enforcing it.

      Negligent gun use should be a crime. The fact that it isn't is exactly my point.

  2. The bullet hit the victim in his chin, turned downward through his neck, but hit no vital organs. This illustrates why a .25 is a lousy gun for any serious purposes.