Monday, July 26, 2010

Grenade-selling FFL Dealer

Grenades were sold to an doctor by a licensed gun dealer, reports the Arkansas News.

A retired weapons dealer testified today that he sold grenades similar to one used in a 2009 bombing that critically injured the Arkansas Medical Board chairman to the Pope County physician accused in the blast.

Lloyd Hahn of St. Charles, Mo., also told a federal jury that he sold to Dr. Randeep Mann 100 grenades similar to the ones found buried near Mann’s home outside Russellville and a Russian-made machine gun without the necessary federal paperwork.

Prosecutors attempted to use Hahn’s testimony as the most direct link yet offered between Mann and the February bombing that wounded Dr. Trent Pierce in the driveway of his West Memphis home. The blast caused severe injuries to Pierce’s face, arm and leg, and cost him an eye.

He was testifying under immunity. I would imagine this was not the very first time he'd sold grenades and machine guns and other stuff like that. We often talk about the concealed carry guys who go bad, but my contention is when they make the news, they'd already gone bad, or had always been bad. It's the same with the FFL guys, at some point they get caught.

What's your opinion? Do you think the pro-gun rationale which says the percentage of bad apples is extremely low is valid? They use this argument a lot, gun accidents with kids, CCW guys who go bad, unscrupulous gun dealers. I don't buy it.

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  1. 7-9 grenades are still unaccounted for. The doctor is said to have been in possession of 100 machine guns. (one known to be owned illegially--per the FFL's testimony.)

    I just find it odd he is not also being charged with illegial possession.

  2. I thought he was charged with possession of destructive devices?

  3. This is what happens when you allow any business to go largely unregulated. I don't care if the business is guns or nuts and bolts.

    When there's profit involved, you will always have those who will be willing to skirt the law or break it.

    Frankly, all of the FFL market is unregulated; compliance with the laws is based largely on trust and hope. It's really no wonder that guns wind up in the wrong hands.

  4. Jade,

    Gun dealers are the most regulated business in the country as it is. But what does this have to do with the fact that the criminal had an FFL? It is not like he could legally stock and sell those products with his license. Irrelevant.

  5. FWM: Actually, being an FFL is hardly regulated at all because there's no oversight mechanism. IOW, it's like having a roadway with speed limit signs all over the place but never actually having any way to ascertain if the law is obeyed.

    The point is hardly irrelevant because you have a weapons dealer who is a criminal. The fact he was willing to break the law indicates he probably wasn't immune to the idea of breaking FFL regs.

  6. Jade: “Actually, being an FFL is hardly regulated at all because there's no oversight mechanism.”

    There is a whole federal bureau for oversight.

  7. Jade,

    His criminal activity has nothing to do with the fact that he had an FFL since none of his illegal activity was licensed or covered by the FFL. I suppose that if a licensed real estate agent sells stolen cars that there is some correlation to the Board of Realtors? Totally unrelated. Irrelevant.

  8. FWM, I don't think that's a good comparison, the realtor who sells stolen cars. Here we've got an FFL guy selling guns that he shouldn't.

    Here's a comparison for ya. Let's say you want a tropical fish that's illegal in the U.S. You want to be the coolest one on your block. Where whould you go to inquire? I'd go to the tropical fish and aquarium store and ask them. I'll bet it wouldn't take too many visits before I found one that could hook me up with a piranha or whatever. What do you think?

  9. 90% of all piranhas smuggled in to the US come from South America. 10% of lawful fish owners are actually criminals. Fish shows allow criminals to buy unlicensed fish because there are no fish checks at fish shows. We must close the tropical fish loophole. Its for the children.

  10. FWM, You've got the best sense of humor of any of them.

    Thanks for another good laugh.

  11. This post was inspired by a long weekend I spent browing your blog! So thanks for what you do, and thanks for your comments here.

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