Tuesday, July 27, 2010

OK Gun Show Accident

Amarillo.com reports on a gun show incident.

OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police say a man was accidentally shot in the leg at a gun show when his father handed a customer a loaded handgun.

Police Sgt. Charles Phillips says the wound is not life-threatening.

Phillips says two off-duty police officers were at the doors making sure guns are unloaded as they're brought in - but he says they do not check guns held by vendors.

Police say no arrests are expected in the accident.

What, no arrests? Why would that be? Is it because they understand that accidents can happen to anyone and gun owners shouldn't be held responsible for things like that? Is it because the guy who was shot in the leg realized that it could have been worse, it's just a small price to pay for all that freedom and all those gun rights?

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  1. "What, no arrests? Why would that be?"

    Because unlawful discharge of a firearm is not an arresting offense in Oklahoma City. It's a $500 fine and a possible revocation or suspension of your concealed carry license.