Monday, July 26, 2010

Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock

This is from the Academy Award winning documentary, apropos of nothing.


  1. I can dig it Mike. I have always loved this song. The first studio version from Are You Experienced? was recorded 12/13/66. More on why I care about the exact date below. On the 1967 version released in the U.S. on Smash Hits with the famous echoplex work, Jimi actually plays piano with the bass and rhythm guitar. By 1969, this was an oldie for Jimi.

    Speaking of Mondays, I used to tune in the Johnnie Otis Show every Monday night in Solana Beach or down at Windansea surfing beach. It was on this iconic radio show that I heard the definitive version of Stormy Monday by Junior Wells with Buddy Guy. I was sure that Buddy's guitar solo was the inspiration for Jimi's unforgettable solo after verse two. I was very surprised that it was recorded sometime in 1966. I was sure it was older. But given the fact that Buddy and Junior had been performing the song together since the Chicago Blues Festival of 1964, I hold to my claim. I'm sure that Hendrix must have heard it. Dig the triplets and you'll know what I'm saying.

    Hendrix was the best. The most fluid, bitchenest guitar player of all time. He changed the entire art of music. I wish I still had the 1974 Guitar Player magazine special Hendrix issue.

  2. Was there siomething else about the date 12/13/66?

  3. Just that it was slightly after the historic Junior Wells recording.