Thursday, July 29, 2010

Texas Governor's Race reports on the governor's race in Texas.

What's your opinion about candidate White.

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  1. At least it has progressed to the point that former anti-constitution candidates feel the need to be pro gun rights now, regardless of their political affiliations and new candidates all claim to be pro-gun from the outset.

    John Kerry tried to be all "sportsman" but was a joke.

    Mitt Romney was a big anti until he decided to run for President then he suddenly flip-flopped as fast as Kerry.

    Ohio Governor's race has Republican John Kasich, a Clinton assault weapons fanboy now trying to be pro-gun against the NRA A+ rated Democratic incumbent.

    White needs to appear pro-gun so he dumped MAIG but it is probably not enough beside Perry who actually carries a gun.

    I am sure this is happening at the local level as well.

    And that is one more reason why we are winning. We take our beliefs to the polls.

  2. The TN governor's race has Bill Haslam, a former member of Bloomberg's Mayors Against Guns who has had a come-to-Jesus moment & suddenly joined the NRA. I'm hoping TN voters won't fall for it, but they probably will.

  3. So is it fair to say then that the MAIG would have many more members if it weren't for this kind of thing?