Friday, September 24, 2010

Another NRA Candidate

Previously, we brought you the story of the NRA-endorsed Christine O'Donnell--who believes scientists have created mice with human brains and has "dabbled in witchcraft."

Today, we bring you another very pro-gunloon--Jim Russell (Repug-NY)--who is running for Congress in NY-18. In addition to his very outspoken views on guns--he also has some rather peculiar opinions on race. Apparently, David Duke shares his views on both guns and race.



    Brady Campaign Board member, and Joyce Foundation endorsed.

    Also she dated Jade in High school, but broke up with him when she saw his penis.

    mark my words!

  2. Ruh-roh--it seems that Jadefool is lying again (or would "still" be a better word for it?), because the NRA has, sagely (perhaps Jadefool will now learn what that word means) chosen not to endorse either of the unsavory candidates for New York's 18th Congressional district.