Thursday, September 23, 2010

So, Virginia, How's That Guns In Bars Thing Working Out?

NRA and CCW member commits DGU against own leg while drinking in VA bar:
Lynchburg police Capt. Todd Swisher said Latham, who holds a permit to carry a concealed weapon, was ordering a beer at the Waterstone Pizza restaurant Saturday when he reached into his pocket and his .45-caliber semiautomatic handgun fired.

Latham was shot in the thigh. He was treated at Lynchburg General Hospital. Swisher said a woman at the restaurant apparently suffered powder burns but did not require medical attention.

A state law that took effect in July makes it legal to carry concealed weapons into restaurants, but only if the carrier doesn't consume alcohol.

Swisher said Latham had been drinking before ordering the beer.


  1. Relative of yours, Jade?

  2. Well, it is working much better than the law that allows people to drive to bars so long as they don’t drive home intoxicated. Sure jade, you can chalk this one up as one of those irresponsible CCW holders, but they guy broke the new law too- by consuming while carrying.

  3. This must be the blood in the streets.

  4. Jadefool knows this idiot is an NRA member, due to his awesome psychic powers.

    Still think it's possible to turn a semi-auto AK clone into full auto by filing on the firing pin, Jadefool?

  5. New acronym: CCC

    Can anyone guess?