Monday, September 20, 2010

Guns Kill People


  1. Mine are all defective then. Mine have all been sentenced to life in a safe, which is kind of like jail for a "killer firearm," yet none of them have committed the crime they're accused of.

    Either that, or it's an "operator/end user" issue.

  2. So by this thinking, cars kill people too. Many more than firearms, in fact. Are the cars to blame?

  3. What is that white fleshy thing with five digits on the left side of the picture? What is it doing?

  4. TS: "Ignore that man behind the curtain!"

  5. Doctors (700k) kill 44k-98k per year JAMA Report on Medical Malpractice 2001.

    People with concealed carry permits (8 million) 45 illegally per year. (VPC 2009 report, without verifiable details, anti gun zealots never do provide real facts)

    This means that doctors are 14,000 to 31,000 times more likely to kill you than a person licensed to carry concealed.

    Why aren't you screaming to ban doctors eh?

    Of course you forgot another government report that clearly identifies that 80% of all violent crimes committed in the US are committed by career criminals/gang members (USDOJ National Gang Threat Assessment annual report 2009).

    This data is support by multiple police studies, that is unless you know how to google.

    Documented mental illnesses 1) where a person believes an inanimate object has supernatural powers to load, aim and pull the trigger by itself "Fetishism" 2) the advanced stage of this mental illness is where a person believes that just by being in proximity to an inanimate object, said inanimate object can use its telepathy or voice to command a person to commit violence automatically. This illness where one hears voices and must obey is "Schizophrenia".

    Wow, since you show these classic mental illness symptoms, maybe you need to go lecture those inanimate objects. After all those guns surely must be dejected, having failed to kill over 98% of the time. Maybe you can instruct them on how to be better at their only intended purpose, killing as you claim. FYI when you do so, you might want to watch out for the men with the large butterfly type nets. Though we know to ask an insane person to turn themselves in is useless, but for your sake, and the public safety sake as schizophrenia has been proven to be a public health risk, we really hope you seek treatment soon.