Monday, September 20, 2010

Murder / Suicide in Virginia

In Prince George County, a man shot his wife then turned the gun on himself. He died right away, she died later in the hospital. The incident took place in a car on a cul-de-sac.

Police are not sure why the couple drove to the cul-de-sac and the shooting is still under investigation.

Police responded to a domestic related problem at the Bates home in June. At the time, Robert Bates was arrested for domestic assault and battery.

Both Bates were served with an emergency protective order barring contact between each other.

The EPO expired prior to Saturday's incident and no extension was filed.

How does it work in Virginia? When a guy has a domestic assault and battery charge, does he continue to keep his guns? In this case I guess he did.

How do these forfeitures of guns happen when someone becomes a disqualified person anyway? Is it on the honor system? Does the judge tell the wife-beater to go home and get rid of all his guns? Or are marshalls sent to the house and expected to uncover every hiding place?

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