Sunday, September 19, 2010

How Gun Flow Works

An enterprising young man from the North, where they have sensible gun laws, finds himself in the gun-friendly South. The rest just happens almost of itself.

The Chicago Tribune describes a case in point.

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  1. Jadefool's Biggest (Only?) Cheerleader:

    An enterprising young man from the North, where they have sensible gun laws . . .

    Oh? From the article:

    Most of the guns used in crimes in Illinois were bought within the state.

    "Sensible gun laws" in action?

    I suppose it would be silly of me to point out why there are such profits to be made in supplying a demand that can only be met through the black market.

  2. > In 2006, Chicago police spotted him holding an assault rifle outside an Englewood apartment building, according to the records. A second rifle and a Glock pistol were also later recovered, but Gates beat the gun charges in 2008.

    Is this an example of Chicago's sensible gun laws in action?!?!!

  3. Superb point, Van Dyke. If Daley and his goons truly believed in "gun control" as a serious solution to violent crime, they'd presumably enforce the myriad laws they insist on.

    The fact that they don't vividly illustrates that it's all about bullying, intimidation, and the exercise of raw power over the lowly peasants.

  4. Another example of the laws working: criminals committing crimes and getting caught. So of course since the law is working we need more laws.

  5. Good point FWM. The post could also be titled “How Gun Runners Get Busted”. Jade always tells us they simply say it is stolen, or some such story and get off scot free. It didn’t seem to work for this straw purchaser. Some excerpts:

    “Gates, 27, who was charged in federal court in Mississippi in 2009, paid various amounts for the guns, then compensated his buyers — known as straw purchasers — $50 to $100 for their trouble. He instructed them to report the guns stolen as a way to avoid the law.

    Elliott filled out the form, answering yes to a key question that would come to haunt him and others.

    In Box 11a, Elliott indicated that he was the "actual" buyer of the firearms. He then paid $1,500 with cash he'd been given by Gates, walked outside and handed the boxed guns to Gates.

    Within about seven hours, using the gun's unique serial number, a federal firearms trace led investigators to Elliott's purchase at Ed's, which had been reported to ATF as a matter of routine.

    By that time, Elliott was about to be released from his 6-month sentence for lying on the federal form. His baby daughter had died before he went to prison.

    Months earlier, at his sentencing hearing, Elliott told the judge that the money he pocketed in the gun deal was the worst $100 he had ever seen.”

  6. OK, I guess when the ATF is done cleaning up Texas and Arizona they need to come up to Illinois. If most guns are bought within the state, something must be going wrong there, woulnd't you say?

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  8. Jadefool's Biggest (Only?) Cheerleader:

    If most guns are bought within the state, something must be going wrong there, woulnd't you say?

    Um, what would "be going wrong there," exactly? Federal law demands that all handgun sales (except to FFL holders) be intra-state (and I believe that IL law requires that all long gun sales--except to FFL holders--be intra-state, or from neighboring states).

    If the sales can't be from other states, and you don't want them occurring within the state, how are people to equip themselves to defend their families, their liberty, and their lives?

    Oh--that's right--you'd rather people be unable to thus equip themselves.