Friday, September 24, 2010

Speed Bump DGU

With apologies to Sammy Hagar, NRA member and CCW holder David A. Patton can't drive 55:

According to the sworn statement, Carr's girlfriend told police that as she and Carr were watching TV, Patton entered the residence through the front door armed with a handgun and ordered the couple to the floor. After they complied, their hands were secured with black "zip ties."

The affidavit states that Carr attempted to get free of his ties and engaged Patton, who then allegedly shot him dead

C'mon, gunloons--isn't this what CCW is about?


  1. > "Patton was cited with disorderly conduct and it wasn't until the next day that Carr changed his mind, contacted a magistrate and filed the criminal complaint for assault against Patton."

    > Patton was arrested on July 6.The case was to be originally heard August 30, but was continued to this Thursday, according to court records.

    Bbbbbut but, I thought the POLICE were there to protect you?

  2. “C'mon, gunloons--isn't this what CCW is about?”

    Absolutely correct, Jade! CCW is about being able to protect yourself when your psycho neighbor wants to kill you over a speed bump. Too bad Carr was not an NRA member or CCW holder. Mark my words.


    Brady Campaign Board member was executed for paying assassins to kill her family.

    She also sad on the Joyce Foundation board, mark my words!