Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hitler on Glenn Beck

via Democratic Underground


  1. That's sick Mike. But actually fairly funny. Only Beck can make Hitler look sympathetic by comparison. Every time I was in a public place where the dumbshits were all sitting around watching the Beck program like it was no different than watching Jerry Springer or Bugs Bunny I would just recoil in disgust. They acted like it was completely normal or even good fun. Even FWM said he could dig Beck because of the way liberals reacted to him. I know a thing or two about the christian life. Believe me, you just don't let that kind of poison enter your mind.

    I almost broke my vow again over at Penigma's place, but Jesus gently reminded me and I shut it down tout de suite!

  2. Aw, do come on back and break that vow, Junior! We'd enjoy having you comment over on

    Make it a two-fer; you can comment on my Beck Betrays Himself post, and then cruise on down to the John Boehner claims busted by, where I refer to Boehner in the title as a lying, dihonest, corrupt bastard, and neatly document each of those words as they apply to Boehner.

    Let it out, have some fun; you know you want to...

  3. What vow? Did you swear off Penigma for some reason?

  4. I vowed that I would never watch Glenn Beck on TV or anywhere else. I clicked on one of his videos over at Penigma's. Remembered my promise. Shut it down. This has been for a few years now. I have kept my vow. He is unholy.

    I like penigma.blogspot