Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why You Should Never Send Your Kids to U. of Toledo

Brian Anse Patrick.

Any school that would hire someone like Patrick is, frankly, a school not worth attending.

Patrick believes Colin Goddard wasn't a victim--despite being shot four times during the Virginia Tech shooting.  He also believes Goddard is using (or misusing) his wounding for monetary gain.  The Virginia Tech shooter, Patrick maintains wasn't mentally ill--just a jerk.

Of course, Patrick isn't a medical professional.  Nor is he a mind reader capable of discerning the inner motivations of people he doesn't know.  But this hardly stops him from wildly opining about the guns he dearly loves.

And perhaps I'm too tough on the University of Toledo.  Maybe the faculty has a twisted sense of humor and keeps a few oddballs around in some sort of Dinner for Schmucks competition where each department has to bring a "talented" individual to faculty get togethers.


  1. Goddard is using his own tragedy for personal gain and as a means of restricting the Constitutional rights of others.

    He deserves no respect.

  2. Anon: Your argument doesn't pass the sanity test.

    Let's assume Goddard is just out for a fat paycheck. If that were the case, wouldn't he go to the NRA and firearm industry and become their spokesman? After all, wouldn't the NRA love someone who would say they wished they had a gun to stop Cho?

  3. Wow, what a comment, JadeGold. That is a showstopper.

  4. There is no evidence that Goddard's paycheck is 'fat', or that he couldn't earn more money putting in less time, in ways that did not involve a strenuous 7 day a week job, one which disrupts having a more normal life with roots and routines.

    Goddard spent 3 months in a wheel chair and in rehab therapy, learning to walk again. He still has three bullets inside of him, and a titanium rod in his leg, all of wihch cause him chronic pain.

    HE was the one who had the presence of mind to call 911 when the shooting started, and to keep the line to 911 open even after getting shot, providing important information to emergency personnel.

    He lost friends, fellow students; this is clearly something about which he is passionate because of that loss and trauma.

    And then we have AnoNUMBASS's comment, which demonstrates such shallowness, such personal and intellectual dishonesty, such a narrow minded insensitivity and a willingness to malign others unjustifiably.

    I couldn't discredit AnoNUMBASS more than his own words discredit his character and thinking.

    The one here who deserves 'no respect' is YOU, AnoNUMBASS. It is YOU, NOT Goddard.

    And yet, from what you've written, I doubt you possess sufficient human decency and integrity of character even to understand that you should be ashamed of what you wrote.