Tuesday, July 26, 2011


from MSNBC:

United agent accidentally shot at New Orleans airport

So, here is a question for our blog readers: should there be some mechanism for taking guns away from people to old or senile to handle them safely? It's hard enough to get car keys away from the elderly who are no longer safe to drive. I can only imagine that taking away the guns of those suffering from senile dementia might be even more hazardous and difficult.  Should there be some sort of mandatory age check, like a driver's license renewal, after a certain age?


  1. How about an IQ test? A step about imbecile would have prevented this.

  2. I had a roommate once who smoked so much pot we constantly questioned his sanity. He almost always thought the police were watching us.

    Quite paranoid.

    We owned a lot of guns. Mine were always locked up in a safe but he didn't have one. One day when he was out, we removed all the firing pins. Seemed an easy enough solution and he was none the wiser. Never did give those back when he moved out. lol

    I wouldn't advocate Govt involvement persay, but nothing wrong with family getting involved.

  3. Yes, families should be the first line of defense. But, in addition to the one-strike-you're-out rule, perhaps some type of screening could be worked into the renewal process of the gun licence, you know once we legislate mandatory licensing for all gun owners.

  4. It didn't say in the piece you quoted what sort of rifle the passenger was checking, but I'm guessing a hunting gun. Probably a civilian version of an AR or some other auto or semi-auto military design. Either that or a bolt action or semi-auto "big game" rifle in something .300 or bigger.

    Imagine, if you will, the gun gets checked in and finds it's way into the cargo/baggage hold on the aircraft. During flight, clear air turbulence causes the aircraft to pitch and yaw suddenly. Baggage in the hold gets tossed around, rifle "accidentally" discharges sending a round through the fuselage or the cabin floor, damaging hydraulics, electronics, passenger, flight crew or pilot.

    Yeah, I think a little common sense might suggest that knuckleheads who've had guns for many, many years and either haven't learned, or have forgotten how, to make sure the weapon is unloaded might need to temper their desires to make the rest of us a little bit safer.

  5. Who brings a loaded rifle to an airport? Last time that I checked, that if you going to travel with a weapon, it has to be unloaded.