Wednesday, August 10, 2011

England's Riots from the BBC

Here are a few videos from BBC News. Notice in the first that there is quite a lot of burning property. Can your gun put out the fire if your house is burning?

Additionally, one witness says there were 300 people out rioting. How many could you kill before you ran out of ammunition and the rioters started wailing on you?

UK riots: How the night of violence unfolded

Two girls who were drinking wine from a looted store are boasting about their idiotic antics.

London rioters 'Showing the rich we do what we want'

Even without guns, the Sikhs protect their temple. Gatka, the Sikh martial art, is a vital part of their culture. Not to mention they are carrying cricket and baseball bats, BBC's Sangita Myska asked about why they were protecting their property and whether it could be considered vigilantism?

Southall Sikhs stand against London rioters

Dan Snow beat up a rioter, again, without a gun. Dan and Peter can truly kick arse in more than one way (sorry, Neil and Tony, but their show blew Two Men in A Trench out of the Water)!

Of course, there is the danger that you can get hurt as Three men were killed as they protected property in a second night of violence in Birmingham.

Of course, this comment:
"I think the word 'underclass' comes up quite a lot because it has a lot of resonance obviously with an American audience where there is similar income inequality."

Pretty much sums it up.

Oh, By the Way, "American readers might be surprised to learn most members of the force charged with ending the rioting remain unarmed."

Of course, David Cameron backs the move for police to use water cannon and rubber bullets. While he talks about parts of our society that are sick, I disagree with how he proposes to address that sickness.

Manchester Police have been studying CCTV images, and warned looters "we are coming for you from today". They had already caught 100 rioters at the time that this broadcast was made.

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