Thursday, August 11, 2011

Maine Lawmaker Rep. Frederick Wintle - Picking Up the Pieces

(Wintle on right)

Gun charges against a state lawmaker might be resolved in time for him to rejoin the Legislature, his attorney said Tuesday.

That's right, that's how they do it. Raging out-of-control maniacs are often allowed to plea-bargain or even request to have their charges dropped. And the pro-gun crowd, who never tire of complaining about the lenient sentencing guidelines for criminals, applaud. At least they applaud as long as the offending gun owner can somehow claim to be one of the good guys. For them, just about anything goes, "bad rules be damned," is their expression. And if the guy goes too far, they simply cut him off and relegate him to the dark side of criminal gun owners.

I've often had a hard time distinguishing one from the other, the good guys from the bad guys. I believe there's a big gray area.

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  1. This guy appears to have serious "psychological problems"; and his concealed weapon - in his pants waistband - doesn't appear to be licensed, given that was one of the charges.

    If this guy gets off easy, I hope one of the conditions is that he is permanently debarred from having a gun, not ever. I'm sure his constituency is unhappy, given he has a restraining order against showing up, without a written pass, to the govenment. THAT tells me more about his lead-up problems to this incident that are concerning.

    I hope he gets more than a slap on the wrist, but mostly something that prevents him from doing more of the same.

    We have a similar guy in the MN legislature who was stalking a woman he wanted to date, while in the process of divorcing his wife.

    These guys are just nuts, and they want to use their weapons to force their crazy on others. Not good, very 'not good'.

  2. Bizconn Media:

    Fuck off trollbot.

    dog gone:

    Wintle's name came up on a SKKKrotalMurKKKinPatriotiKKK Front's (You might call them the Tea Party) website as a guest at one of their KKKoffee KKKlatces to discuss how to exterminate the liebral parasites who infest this once glorious country.

    I really like this:

    "Donations needed to keep Google Liberal ads off of site, as well as offset expenses, expand Bandwidth and storage capacity."

    People that are perfectly willing to stifle dissent (even if they have to pay hush money teh GULAGGLE accusing others of being unwilling to listen.

  3. Send Mr. Wintle to Wallmart for a job application, says I.