Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Michael E. Hance, Gun Owner Extraordinaire



  1. Mikeb302000:

    I always find it intersting that your posts on these horrific mass shootings don't draw any comments from your detractors. Is it because they're ashamed or because they're not ashamed but know it would be bad form to gloat about "tight groups", "double-tap", "center mass" and allathem other KKKool KKKiller terms that the HDL* like to banter about when fantasizing about shooting burglars who "invade" their homes?

    * Home Defense Legion

  2. The victim, Scott Calvin Dieter, was a cousin of S. S. Kresge's (forerunner of K-Mart), Sebastian Spering Kresge.

  3. Scott Calvin Dieter was the adoptive son of Craig Brian Eric and Beth Ann (Laufer) Dieter. Dieter's gunman is like the Everett Link of Ohio. Ben Campbell is the Anthony Mazzola of Ohio. Dieter's gunman drew at the law enforcement officer and without hesitation, Campbell shot him to death. Ben Campbell is a hero.

  4. The gunman was the son of Thelma Sue (Kennedy) and William Harrison Hance.
    Also, the gunman was the grandson of James M. and Amanda Myrtle (Newberry) Hance and William Stanton and Grady (West) Kennedy.