Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another Shooting in the Mt. Rainier / Skyway area

I was looking for more information on the four shooting victims  that preceded the apparent flight and the shooting of the ranger in Mt. Rainier national park.

I came across this; and couldn't help but notice that either this was a case of two shooting victims from a legally owned firearm by a previously legally acting firearm owner, who experienced 'poor impulse control', OR it is a shooting by a person who is already a criminal, who acquired a previously legally owned firearm - most likely from a family or friend.

What seems clear is that a firearm carried by the victims would have been effectively useless against an assailant firing from cover in the dark.

What seems clear is that all those firearms in this country which are supposedly purchased for personal protection do far more harm than they do protecting.

From KING 5 news in the Seattle area:

Two people shot near fast food restaurant

Posted on January 4, 2012 at 12:24 AM

SEATTLE -- Police say a man in dark clothing opened fire on two people outside a South Seattle Subway restaurant late Tuesday.
Seattle Police spokesperson Mark Jamieson said the incident happened around 10pm near the 9200 block of Rainier Avenue South.  Police say the two people, a woman and man in their 20's, were both wounded.
The woman was transported to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, with life threatening injuries, according to Jamieson.  The man, stumbled across Rainier, to a McDonalds restaurant and collapsed.  He was also taken to the hospital.  Jamieson said at last check, the woman was in surgery.
Police searched a nearby wooded area, and homes, but could not locate the suspect.
It's unclear what prompted the incident.


  1. "What seems clear is that a firearm carried by the victims would have been effectively useless against an assailant firing from cover in the dark."

    NOT if they hadda pair of these:

    It would help if they had some tracer rounds in their NOT AN AUTOMATIC, OR EVEN A REAL "BATTLE RIFLE" BUT A PUNY LITTLE AR-15 THAT FIRES .22 CAL. BULLETS* ONLY ONE AT A TIME.

    But, really, any prudent guy like Greg Camp would call in a USAFNG A-10 Warthog to hose down the area with it's 30mm rapid firing cannon**. I actually sleep with a loaded one on my nighstand.

    * H/T to Mastermoron Armorer Greg Camp for his assistance in this.

    ** I'm pretty sure it's, like, completely automatic at something like 4,000 RPM; Greg Camp might be able to thumb the hammer that fast, but I sure can't!

  2. Democommie,

    With a black powder cap and ball revolver, I can get off five rapid rounds, but then I'd have to ask my opponent to get a cup of coffee while I reload.