Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reckless Shooting of Cactus Plants

(AP Photo/Arizona Daily Star, Rick Wiley)

Four saguaros up to 10 feet long lay prone on last week near the base of a towering hill in Ironwood Forest National Monument — the latest symbols of a problem and a dispute that won't go away.

The saguaros near Avra Hill were found a month or so ago with spent bullets and shells lying nearby, say members of the Arizona Native Plant Society who reported them to the Bureau of Land Management. The BLM's law-enforcement branch is investigating this incident — one of two ongoing cactus-shooting investigations, said Mark Rekshynskyj, a BLM official in Tucson.

"It looks like they targeted the arms first and shot off the arms, then went to the bases and shot them down," said the plant society's John Scheuring.
You know who does that? It's the same guys who shoot the stop signs. These are not gang members or drug dealers. These are so-called legitimate gun owners and their shooting activity belies the claim that they are responsible and safe. They're reckless and dangerous and they couldn't care less about the rules and regulations except for ensuring they can break them with impunity.

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  1. I'm sure the shootists of these cactus plants didn't think they were doing anything wrong, or harming anyone.

    Of course, the cacti that they destroyed had a far greater value than I'm sure these idiots contemplated.

    Those cacti, like old growth trees, are easily 150 to 200 years old, and were very valuable.

    Had someone found them soon enough AFTER they were shot up, at least the damaged caci 'arms' of the Saguaro could have been planted, although the chances of those rooting are not that high. But better than nothing, better than finding these old cacti when it was too late to do anything constructive.

    These idiots, who took their firearms into a national park damaged OUR federally owned, citizen owned property.

    For NOTHING, for stupidity.

    THIS is just one reason not to allow firearms in the park. This is just one of the reasons that these gun nuts are dangerous - not only to property but to anyone else enjoying the park in the vicinity.

    These gun idiots with their stupid shooting have ruined an aspect of the park which was important to other people, people like those who belong to the Arizona Native Plant Society, who peacefully enjoy that park.

    And I'm really sure that the cacti shooters would just laugh at the damage they did -- and pass around a few more cans of beer.

  2. "You know who does that? It's the same guys who shoot the stop signs. These are not gang members or drug dealers."

    And how exactly do you know they weren't gang members or drug dealers?

  3. Dog Gone,

    National parks can be good places for target shooting. Responsible people don't engage in vandalism, which is what this is. This is no different from a person who takes in a spray can and paints graffiti on a tree or outbuilding.

    In addition, the law that allows concealed carry in parks isn't about any of this. It's a recognition that those people who have qualified for a carry license have as much right to protect themselves in the wilderness as they do on a city street.

  4. National parks can be good places for target shooting.


    You have no business shooting in a public park, of any level - local, state or national - other than on a shooting range designed and posted for the purpose.

  5. Dog Gone,

    Do you have a comment reflex? I've seen places with good backstops and plenty of visibility that are fine for target practice. Apparently, national parks are only useful to people who agree with you, though.

  6. Greg tries in his slick way to downplay the gravity of irresponsible gun use.

    "This is no different from a person who takes in a spray can and paints graffiti on a tree or outbuilding."

    We don't buy it, Greg.

    One thing you said that I do agree with is responsible gun owners don't do this. The fact that it is so prevelant belies the claim that most gun owners are responsible. Your side is chock full of hidden criminals.

  7. Mikeb302000,

    Prove it. That's your claim, but you have no numbers and no evidence.

  8. Use your head, Greg, and then try to be honest about it.

    Who's shootin' all the road signs?

  9. All those road signs? Come on, Mikeb, just how many would that be? Dog Gone, naturally, will let you get away without requiring data from you, but I object.