Friday, January 6, 2012

Gun Rights Advocate "Detained" at the Airport

The Los Angeles Times reports on the latest incident of a pro-gun guy "forgetting" he has a gun at the airport.
A California lawmaker who has been a vocal advocate for gun rights was detained by police Wednesday at Ontario International Airport after attempting to take a loaded gun onto an airplane.

Tim Donnelly, a Republican from San Bernardino and the Assembly's lone tea party member, was headed for a Sacramento-bound flight to attend the opening of the new legislative year. Authorities said screeners at the security checkpoint discovered a loaded .45-caliber Colt Mark IV pistol and an ammunition magazine with an additional five rounds in his carry-on luggage.
His big thing is immigration. The article says he's a former Minuteman, but I suspect the Minitemen are like the Marines. Once a Minuteman, always a Minuteman.

What's your opinion? Is this racist, ultra-conservative scofflaw politician a danger to others like your average terrorist or airplane hijacker? I don't think so. Do you think his attitude is that of many otherwise law-abiding gun owners who do what the hell they want: "bad laws be damned?" Or is it really possible that he's so nonchalant about his gun that he really did forget.

Whatever the true explanation, is it right that he should get just a slap on the wrist, a misdemeanor, which will enable him to continue on his merry way?

What's your opinion? Please leave a comment.


  1. A firearm in carry on luggage has never been legal, and would not be legal under any reciprocity legislation.

    This guy must have known that.

    It is because of the documented frequency with which those who insist on carrying 'forget' that the rest of us are so dubious of their insistence on their reliability to be safe.

  2. Why aren't those TSA stupids arresting REAL criminals like people who dress in unmerKKKin terrarist clothes--those folks scare the beJESUS outta Juan Williams--instead of honest OLAGO's?!

  3. Dog Gone,

    Given all the hassles of flying these days, both from the TSA and from the airlines, I choose not to fly. You don't have to worry about me.

    If I did fly, I'd either leave my weapon at home or follow all the procedures between there and my destination.

  4. "A firearm in carry on luggage has never been legal, and would not be legal under any reciprocity legislation."

    Yes it has, doggie. Yes it has.

  5. dog gone:

    In researching the FAA's regs I find that handcarrying gunz WAS allowed on U.S. commercial airlines until around 1964. So, it's only been about FORTY SEVEN YEARS since the regs were enacted. I can see where a guy who's busy with SKKKrotalMerKKKinPatriotiKKK Front business would not have time to bother with such a recent change in the law.

  6. Hmm, sounds like he was carrying a Detonics Combat Master, at least he picked a good pistol to carry. Too bad he forgot about the law.

  7. Hmmm, crickets. I guess even moronz like Greg Camp and MAgunzloon have a hard time justifying some shitheads being ignorant of, or choosing to ignore, a 40+ yo law.

  8. Oh, I almost forgot.

    A while back Greg Camp said that dog gone and Laci The Dog didn't know anymore (or as much) about the irish or british as he did 'cuz arbledygarfleschnoffdoodleetc. But, then again, he doesn't FLY, so his observations of ANY country not contiguous to the American continent is dependent upon long drives and ocean voyages--trips I'm gonna guess that he's never made.

  9. I'm still baffled by his true motivation. What could he have been thinking? I don't find it credible that he forgot. But what else is there?

  10. Democommie,

    Crickets? Did I not say what I'd do if I had to fly? Must I also join the bandwaggon?

  11. Mikeb302000,

    I have to wonder if this guy didn't decide to become a test case. If so, it was a stupid decision, but some people do it.