Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rare and Valuable Fetish Item - Bonnie and Clyde's Tommy Gun

Bonnie and Clyde’s Tommy gun.
Later this month, Mayo Auction & Realty of Kansas City will sell a .45-caliber Thompson sub-machine gun along with a 12-gauge shotgun, both supposedly left behind when the infamous duo shot it out with police in April 1933 in Joplin.
Gun rights folks continually strive to convince (themselves) us that they have nothing to do with criminal gun owners. I say the gun itself ties them together inextricably. They both want and need to own guns.

For one thing, they're related due to the fact that all guns start out legally owned and somehow a certain percentage of them flow off into the criminal world.

Well, here's another connection. The folks who will bid on the famous gun used by Bonnie and Clyde will be, presumably, lawful gun owners who want to own a criminal's gun. The article says they expect gun collectors and history buffs.

Just like Al Capone's gun and Lee Harvey Oswald's gun and the weapon used by Sirhan Sirhan, gun collectors love to own criminal guns.

Do you find that odd? Is there something wrong with an obsession like that? No, not really. It just goes to show that the connection between criminal gun owners and lawful gun owners is very strong, in spite of all the denial.

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  1. Mikeb, that's a cheap shot and a wide miss. People enjoy collecting objects of historical interest. There are many reasons for that, and outside of a television show, I doubt that much of it has anything to do with wanting to rob a bank. The people who can afford these firearms already have plenty of money (if you have to ask, you can't afford it) anyway, especially considering the transfer taxes and fees imposed by the government, in addition to the value of the object itself.

  2. No, Greg. You're inextricably intertwined.