Saturday, January 7, 2012

FPS Russia Demonstrates the AAC Honey Badger

via Nick Leghorn at TTAG, where as usual the Armed Intelligentsia revile this guy. Actually I don't see what's so irresponsible in this video unless no ear protection for outdoor shooting is bad enough to qualify.  Nick gives us a little insight into understanding all the animosity. It's envy, plain and simple.

I’ve never liked FPS Russia. He’s one of the most irresponsible firearms user we’ve ever seen, a terrible role model for safety, and the poster child for tinnitus. But the reason I dislike him the most is that while we spend hours on end researching and writing and working towards perfection with our articles and all this guy has to do is put on a fake Russian accent and the latest and greatest firearms fall into his lap.


  1. Another wetdream fantasy for the "killer elite" (in their own minds, anyway) that enrich the arms industry.

  2. "all this guy has to do is put on a fake Russian accent"

    Or maybe a floppy hat that he thinks is the same design as the one worn, at times, by James Butler Hickok and a "duster" style raincoat...