Sunday, January 27, 2013

Accidental Shooting Death of Tennessee 15-Year-old - No Charges

Local news reports

Knox News wins the prize for best situational oxymoron of the year:  

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation reviewed the case and found no evidence of foul play.

I wish our friend Tennesseean was still coming around.  He could explain to us why this young man's father is not in jail right now.

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  1. Another sad victim of a "good guy with a gun" who was a dumbass and left it where his kid could get it. Happens all the time, sadly.

    It's not an "unfortunate accident." It's a totally preventable tragedy for which the father should be held accountable, and every other gun owner should learn a lesson from.

  2. The most dangerous situation is some moron who has both kids and guns. You can't have both, and any attempt to do so results in the kid hurting self or others. Not 100% of the time, but the risk is 9-12x as high in houses with guns than in houses without guns.

    1. Can't you avoid contradicting yourself in one comment? You said that a person can't have both guns and children without harm to the children, then you said that well, actually, that's not true. Then you make up some number about the danger.