Monday, January 28, 2013

Baton Rouge Teen Dead - 16-Year-old Charged

Today's Accidental Shootings via Laci
A 16-year-old suspect was charged with negligent homicide after accidentally shooting a 17-year-old male on the 1500 block of N. 24th St. around 3 p.m.

Police say the two teens were playing with a handgun when it discharged, hitting the victim in the back.

The victim has been identified as Marcus Williams of 474 Bernardo Drive. He was pronounced dead a local hospital due to a gunshot wound to his back he sustained from the shooting.
Down Louisiana way you don't want to shoot people by accident and be black too. That'll get you arrested every time.

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  1. But at least he'll lose his gun rights, so that's a good thing, yes?