Thursday, January 17, 2013

Down Mississippi Way the Debate Rages

Local news reports


It's just too bad the Democrat who offered half-hearted support of the President's ideas doesn't know what "semi-automatic" means.


  1. What did he say that makes you think he doesn't know what semi-automatic means? It's completely plausible that he wants semi's banned--Illinois tried it just a week ago.

    1. The way he said it to me sounded like he didn't know the difference between semi-auto and full-auto.

    2. I didn't get that impression from what he said, but its entirely possible. That difference is sometimes purposefully obfuscated by members of the media, and the confusion that is caused has been purposely used by at least one gun control group to promote "Assault Weapon" bans:

  2. This is the kind of reaction that we're going to see across the country. One state after another will pass bans on enforcing gun control and on allowing any aid to Federal agents in that endeavor. Congress will vote to zero out funding for such programs--perhaps even for the agencies that are directed to apply gun control.

    This isn't 1994 again. It's 1774. Your move, gun control freaks.