Tuesday, January 15, 2013

More on James Yeager, NRA Douchenozzle

As I've sagely noted previously, many gunloons engage in gunloonery because of a financial motive.  IOW, when these NRA mouthbreathers talk about rights, history, 2A and whatever pseudo-philosophical nonsense falls out of their yaps---it's just a smoke screen.  For many gunloons, gunloonery is about money.

The NRA realizes this; for decades they've fundraised on the notion that the US was hours away from making Nazi Germany look like a trip to DisneyWorld.  Yet, the NRA never challenged any law or legislation on the basis of the 2A.

Instead, the NRA reaps buckets of cash from the firearms industry and providing a multi-level marketing scheme not unlike MaryKay cosmetics to insecure fat, white males.

Think about it.  If one looks at Yeager's resume (remembering some of it is bogus), it's terribly thin.  Much of it involves taking 'courses' from those whose own credentials are pretty thin yo non-existent.

But such is the world of gunloonery.  Here's how it works.  Suppose I'm  a gunloon and thoroughly enjoy my gunloonery.  So, I decide--'hey, how can I make some cash off of this?'

It's easy.

First, take a whole bunch of courses from other grifters.  Don't worry--you're not going to fail, the beauty of these courses is that once you pay your fee, you're guaranteed a certificate suitable for framing.

Second, the grifters you patronized will, in turn, refer other clients to you.  This is known as 'multi-level marketing.  IOW, I take a course from A and A refers others to me and I refer them to B, who refers them to C and D.  All the while, those at the chain reap the benefits.

This is how James Yeager earned a living.  He had no particular skill or expertise--just a gun fetish.  And many gunloons believe their fetish is an occupation.


  1. It's easy to identify a Goldilocks article on this site. Sneering title, lack of logic, and claims of wisdom without any support--those are the signs.

  2. Jade,

    Thank you for noting your own sagacity. It had to be done, and if you didn't do it, nobody would.

  3. You sound laughably unhip using "douchenozzle." You're a sad, crusty old man. Talk like it.

  4. Douchenozzle indeed.

    Yeager and other gunsucks remind us real adults that the NRA means "Not Real Adults". If you need the crutch of a weapon to be an adult, you're not an adult. Just a pathetic bundle of paranoid loserness.

    1. Go do your sad, stuffy adult stuff, analyzing your navel and the aroma of your own flatulence--we're having more fun at the kid's table

  5. Thanks for the observations of Yeager's character along with those links which back up what you said.

    1. Care to analyze what supports the assertion? Or are you just going to insist that because you say it, it is so?