Monday, January 14, 2013

Stray Bullets are a Big Problem in Florida due to Pro-Gun Legislation

Local news reports
Bullets whizzed into Gerry and Barbara Benedict's backyard, disrupting a quiet Sunday afternoon and scaring them silly.
The stray bullets that landed near their pool last year came from a private shooting range adjacent to their property at the Country Club of Mount Dora. The couple complained to local-government officials, who were powerless to do anything since the state stripped local governments of the ability to pass their own specific gun regulations.

Now, in the name of public safety, Lake County officials are putting the onus on legislators to tweak the 2011 law that gave the state sole authority over gun laws. Prompted by the Benedicts' situation, Lake is seeking "statutory changes" to deal with dangerous discharges of firearms.
Can you imagine a state which has laws like that? This is one of the reasons Florida wears the crown.

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  1. Write FL D Tourism. Tell them that since FL is now the Gunshine State, no way in hell will you ever visit there again.

    1. I don't go there because it's a swamp with an air conditioner here and there. And there are so many tourists. And it's filled with damned Yankees who didn't like their homeland, but want to make Florida into the North so they'll have something to hate like home.

  2. How big or widespread a problem is it? Neither you nor the article address the size of what you call a "big problem" (and no, I would not want stray bullets coming into my yard so let's not go for that kind of would-be logic). I read the article and note that 1)the range has promised to address the issue (and they should) and 2)Florida has laws regarding negligent discharge of a firearm.

  3. The article doesn't say, but I'd be interested to know which came first, the house or the range. It's likely that the range was there before this couple moved in. City people should realize that when they flee to the country to escape the ills of urban life, they have no business trying to transform the country into the city that they left.