Thursday, March 5, 2015

New Background Check Push Met with NRA Lies and Diversion


The National Rifle Association opposes expanding background checks. The organization says many people sent to prison because of gun crimes get their guns through theft or the black market, and no amount of background checks can stop those criminals. The group attributed the effort on Capitol Hill to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has worked to impose stricter background checks in several states.

"If Bloomberg and his supporters were serious about solving underlying problems, they would work to reform our broken mental health system, not attack the rights of America's 100 million gun owners," said Chris Cox, executive director of the NRA's lobbying arm.

The lie is that criminals who get their guns from the "black market" would not be hindered by universal background checks. Many of the guns in the black market get there through private sales with no background check. Requiring background checks on all gun sales would cut into the pool of guns available in the black market.

The diversion is suggesting that reforming the "broken mental health system" is the solution rather than gun control.

Another lie is that requiring background checks on private sales is an "attack the rights of America's 100 million gun owners."


  1. Yeah, that's got a great chance of passing!

    I say let 'em have their vote, though. It'll help the NRA and others with their voter guides.

    1. Yeah, if the Democrat-controlled Senate couldn't pass this abomination when Sandy Hook still offered some fairly fresh blood for "gun control" advocates to dance in, it's hard to be too worried about the monstrosity passing, with the Senate in Republican hands, and their House majority expanded.

      Looks as if the rights of America's 100 million gun owners are safe for now from this vile attack.


  2. This pretty much outlines its chances if it even gets heard and passed in the House,

    "With 60 votes necessary for passage, only 54 members supported the measure in April 2013 -- four months after the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy put gun control back on the national agenda. Of those 54 votes, several of the Democrats voting in favor have since been replaced by NRA-endorsed Republicans.
    Gone is Kay Hagan (N.C.); in is Thom Tillis. Gone is Tom Harkin (Iowa); in is Joni Ernst. Out is Tim Johnson (S.D.); in is Mike Rounds. Out is Jay Rockefeller; in in Shelly Moore Capito(W.V.). Gone is Mark Udall (Colo.); in is Cory Gardner."

  3. I see that now our Fearless Leader is claiming that "Stronger gun regs would lower homicide rate."

    I still have more respect for the average tapeworm than I do for him, but I gotta admit: he got off a funny one that time.