Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pennsylvania Man Dies at the Gun Range

shooting range

Local news reports

Preliminary evidence indicates a fatal shooting Monday that claimed the life of a Lower Paxton Township man was an accident, West York police Chief Justin Seibel said Tuesday in a news release.

Keith Twiford, 22 was pronounced dead after being shot inside the indoor gun range at West York Sporting Goods.

An autopsy was performed Tuesday on Twiford's body. As of Tuesday afternoon, preliminary findings show the shooting was an accident, police said. They are still working on their investigation, which includes a forensic examination of the evidence collected.

West York police were initially called around 7:19 p.m. to the gun range. They then called the York County coroner's office to the scene. Authorities later notified Twiford's next of kin of his death.


  1. So it appears that it was self inflicted. Sort of a real world application of Mike's one strike, you're out rule.

    "In a Tweet sent out later Monday night, West York Borough police said that foul play was not suspected. The investigation will remain open until forensic examination results get back from evidence collected at the scene, including the gun, police said."

  2. It doesn't appear to be a suicide.

    Most shooters at gun ranges are drunk so that's probably the contributing cause.

    1. "It doesn't appear to be a suicide"

      Either suicide or accident, both can be self inflicted. We'll just have to wait for the coroner's determination. As for your sweeping generalization about people who shoot at gun ranges, do you actually have anything to back up that claim? Personal experience? Though if what you claim is true, you must not get much shooting done since I would hope that you would leave if you saw all of those drunk people with guns.
      I've frequented many ranges, both commercial, like this one and unsupervised. Military also, though they aren't really germain to this discussion.
      Commercial ranges that I've been to have a vested interest in not allowing drunk shooters on the line since it can affect profits. I don't believe I've encountered a drunk shooter at any range. Perhaps you hang out at the wrong kind of range Jade.

      "York County Deputy Coroner Claude Stabley said Tuesday the autopsy determined Twiford died from a gunshot wound to the head.

      "But the manner (of death) won't be determined right away," he said. "It's going to take some time until we get all the evidence reviewed."

    2. "Most shooters at gun ranges are drunk . . ."

      Why do you feel the need to lie and pull stuff like that out of your ass Jade? Are you really that much at a loss for an argument?