Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bumbling Permit Holder Drops Gun in Idaho Classroom - Shoots Himself - Sparks Insurance Questions

Local news reports

On Sept. 2 at Idaho State in Pocatello, a few weeks after a new guns-on-campus law took effect, chemistry professor Byron Bennett was lecturing a classroom containing 20 students when a gun somehow fell out of his pocket and fired.

No student was hit, but Bennett himself—a former University of Nevada, Las Vegas instructor—was shot in the foot. He had weapons permits from both Idaho and Utah and had apparently taken instruction in gun use because the Idaho law requires it.

It was the kind of incident college administrators fear will happen under guns-on-campus laws, and the kind that insurance companies also watch.

Nevada legislators who are now considering enacting a law allowing guns to be carried on campus by people over 21 have given very little attention to the insurance issue, and the measures they are processing do not contain language providing funding if insurance costs rise following the approval of any legislation.

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