Sunday, April 26, 2015

Eddie Eagle Gets a Makeover


  1. A powerfully built female dog enters barking loudly, ruffling Eddie's feathers.

    "Wait just a second kids. I'm Betty Beagle and I'm here to tell you that Eddie doesn't have it quite right. In fact, he's working for the industry. He really wants as many of you as possible to grow up and buy more and more guns so that he can continue to get his fat bonuses!"

    "Sure, he's right, never touch a gun. But don't just call your friend's mom or dad. Make sure you call your own mother or father or tell a school administrator. This is a criminal matter. At the very least, criminal negligence, and needs to brought to the attention of the authorities. This way, the offender, if they really are a good person, can pick up their gun at the police station and either sign a promise to appear or maybe just get a very stern lecture from law enforcement. That's the only real way to stay safe kids."

  2. The weird thing is, if a gunloon ever saw an eagle--they'd try to shoot it.

  3. "The weird thing is, if a gunloon ever saw an eagle--they'd try to shoot it."

    I see lots of them up my way Jade, and somehow manage to restrain myself. Keep in mind that a large part of the gun culture is devoted to hunting and wildlife management.

  4. I usually think of the Eddie Eagle program as being a hidden propaganda mechanism for indoctrinating the kiddies. But, I must admit I didn't see that in this video. I thought the message was a pretty good one. The only observation I would make is that I doubt it would be effective. The curiosity of kids is much to strong to be thwarted be something like this, but I can't really fault the NRA for trying. My main criticism is that they use this ineffectual nonsesne in place of true methods of preventing injury and death - mandatory safe storage laws, for example.