Monday, April 27, 2015

Wichita Accidental Shootings on the Rise

Local news

Wichita is on pace for a possible increase in accidental shootings in 2015 if the first three-plus months of the year are any indication, authorities said.

There have been seven accidental shootings in Wichita through April 20, police Lt. James Espinoza said. That compares with 19 in all of 2013 and 24 last year.

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“Obviously, any time we have an accidental shooting, it’s a concern,” Wichita police Capt. Jeff Weible said. “We encourage people to practice good firearm safety.”

As of July 1, no training will be required for someone choosing to carry a concealed weapon, to holster a hidden gun or carry one in a purse or backpack. Some local law enforcement officials say they’re concerned that could lead to more shooting mishaps like those seen recently in and around Wichita.

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  1. "Haysville Police Chief Jeff Whitfield said he doesn’t think the new law will lead to more accidental shootings.
    “We really haven’t seen a lot of that,” Whitfield said of accidental shootings. “Talking to other chiefs, I haven’t really heard that as a real big concern.”

    So a third of the way into the year some law enforcement officials think the city might set a record for accidental shootings, and some don't. Guess we'll have to wait till the end of the year to find out who is right.

    1. As usual, you're too happy to accept a bad situation. If a record is not set, the number will be very high.