Sunday, January 16, 2011

Edward Fleury Found Not Guilty

I wasn't going to post about this particular travesty of justice, but the picture of the former police chief convinced me.

Gun rights people like Zorro are happy because individual responsibility has been maintained. The boy was 8, for crying out loud.

I say everyone involved should go to jail, not for 10 or 20 years, that would be excessive, but for long enough to get their attention. After that they should never be allowed near guns.

Do you think the adult participants in this sick incident demonstrated the kind of responsibility necessary for exercising the right of gun ownership safely?

What's your opinion? Please leave a comment.


  1. The father should be prosecuted. He was the adult in charge of that child and was negligent in his duty.

  2. What a fascinating world I have uncovered thanks to all of you wonderful gun people! I didn't even know there were dealers and lawyers with blogs eager to assist you with the legal transfer of fully automatic machine guns, built before the 1986 ban, dare I speak the word?

    From the Massachusetts statute:

    No large capacity weapon or large capacity feeding device shall be removed from the premises except for the purposes of: (i) transferring such firearm or feeding device to a licensed dealer; (ii) transporting such firearm or feeding device to a licensed gunsmith for repair; (iii) target, trap or skeet shooting on the premises of another club incorporated under the laws of the commonwealth and for transporting thereto; (iv) attending an exhibition or educational project or event that is sponsored by, conducted under the supervision of or approved by a public law enforcement agency or a nationally or state recognized entity that promotes proficiency in or education about semiautomatic weapons and for transporting thereto and therefrom;

    I guess the educational take-away is that machine guns aren't safe for children. Give me an honorary doctorate please.

    Looks like we're perfectly legal here. I won't bother looking up the statute on furnishing a machine gun to a minor. Apparently, it's not the same as furnishing alcohol or drugs to a minor. You a have to actually give the gun to a kid who has an actionable plan for mayhem.

    A Micro Uzi?? Is that what the S.L.A. gave to Patty Hearst so she wouldn't hurt herself?

    Somebody should be paying the price for this crime of over-the-top negligence. You dicks say it's the kid's father? Circle the wagons you bastards. Just like the dickhead republicans ignored Tip O'Neill's caveat to leave Social Security alone, some madcap democrat is going to introduce some new legislation that you won't really like. I think the tide is beginning to turn.

  3. The dad is a fucking idiot. The Police Chief is a fucking moron and I would guess that he will be on the lecture circuit as soon as his employer finds a way to free up his time.

  4. "A Micro Uzi?? Is that what the S.L.A. gave to Patty Hearst so she wouldn't hurt herself?"


  5. "The father should be prosecuted."

    Agreed, Jim, but it should have gone further than that. The irony is the dad isn't even charged.