Monday, January 17, 2011

USA: Global Embarrassment

Sean Sorrentino Defends Ammurrica
One is their militancy. At some of their rallies, Tea Party members pump fists and yell ''USA, USA''. When the struggle is viewed as being between patriots and non-patriots, it is a short step to picturing opponents as enemies
"I think the conclusion I draw from these terrible events in Tucson, which have just seared us all, is the simple importance of gun control," Ignatieff said Wednesday
We are a different breed in Canada – not necessarily a better one, just different. Most of us understand that the claim that more guns in society means less crime is silly. When someone decides to kill as many people as possible at close range with a mini-weapon of mass destruction, no armed citizen on Earth has the time to stop the mayhem cold.


  1. For the sake of argument, here's an interesting proposal and maybe you can figure out how you can get in on the bottom floor, because the equation is Guns and Greed divided by The Insurance Industry with a nice lobbyist payoff to the Republicans which might just = bypassing gun control legislation and making the NRA redundant.

    It makes a lot more sense to sidestep the entire gun control controversy and instead pass state laws that require anyone who owns a gun to carry insurance. If they have risk factors (like teenagers in the house), their rates go up. If one of their kids sneaks a gun out of the house and gets caught, or uses it to commit a crime, the insurance gets canceled for some meaningful period of time -- say, 10 years.
    And if someone steals your gun and you don't report it in a 24-hour window of you finding out, your insurance is suspended.
    If you have a rifle and it's only used for hunting, low rates. If you have a Glock and you carry it in an open-carry town or state, your rates will be very high -- because odds are so much higher that innocent bystanders may get caught in a shootout.
    Homeowners could be required to carry gun insurance as long as they're still paying on a mortgage, because a gun accident or misuse could result in a large legal judgment against the house.
    Oh yeah, and you have to buy coverage for each gun you own.
    I think it has real possibilities. What do you think? Or are guns somehow less potentially dangerous than, say, cars?

  2. Why do you care what some sheep in Canada thinks? They don't seem to mind us too much when they need better health care and come here to get it.

  3. I second FWM's comment. I am unconcerned with the opinions of unarmed sheeple.

  4. Yeah, sure, FWM, Canadians are flocking to the US for better health care.

    America, the greatest in everything. I really can't believe your blind jingoism.

  5. "America, the greatest in everything. I really can't believe your blind jingoism."

    It is not jingoism, it is fact. Have of Mexico wants to live here. Most others in the world want to be us.

  6. Who really cares what the sheep think? Canada & Australia have disarmed themselves. They've spread their collective legs & are thinking of England. To hell with them all.

  7. FWM, I can see what you're saying. Much of the world emulates the States in all things. But, this may have peaked out already. In certain areas, like gun violence, we've become a laughing stock.