Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Best of the Gun Culture

The gun-rights extremists wonder why we feel there's something wrong with the gun culture.  It's not bad enough that they're into B-B guns and paint-ball and air-soft, all of which cause infuries and further the myth that "guns are good" and "guns are the answer," but they're also into a lesser-known phenomenom called potato guns.
Adolescent boys who enjoy playing with firecrackers but who never grow and mature are a problem in our society. That's what I think.

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  1. Yeah. We have these in Canada. Great for shooting fireworks and whatnot. Spread the word on this mini launcher. Good times had by all. I used to own one. A little hairspray, bug spray, or any explosive aerosol works great. Completly legal in Canada.

  2. Potato guns are great. Frozen lime guns are even better. That's because guns are awesome. There are few things that bring greater joy to red-blooded, non-metrosexual males than launching projectiles in the most explicit, politically incorrect way possible.

  3. "red-blooded, non-metrosexual males," well that's part of the description.

  4. What about Pumpkin Chunkin? Forgot those air cannons that can launch a 10 pound projectile nearly a mile.