Thursday, January 20, 2011

Midway's NRA Roundup

Midway's Roundup. via TS.

These champions of social responsibility should better set that money aside for innocent victims of gun misuse.

But, I suppose that might be seen as some kind of admission.

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  1. Instead of griping about it, why don't you put the idea to use.

    Just offer a similar program at your anti-gun stores. Every purchase you make at the anti-gun store you could "round-up" to the nearest whole dollar then donate it to Brady, VPC or your fund for innocent victims.

    Why don't you and your pals talk about it at your next anti-gun show.

  2. But then again, getting shot by some irresponsible lunatic with uncontrolled access to high powered automatic weapons sin't so bad.
    Why even today, Gabby Giffords took her forst steps, after getting shot through the left lobe of her brain at point blank range

    So relax, go pick up a Glock or two on your way to the 7/11....
    If Gabby can handle a bullet through the brain, then why sweat it? The more guns, the merrier.

  3. I hadn't heard of the program before.

    I'll be contacting all my local gun shops and sporting goods stores and ask them to implement this in my area.

    Thamks for the info!

  4. Interestingly enough, this link shows them hitting the $4 million milestone in 2008 after 16 years. According to Jade’s link, they are at $5.7 million now (or whenever they did that last tally).

    Amazingly Jadegold will tout on other weblogs that we “gun apologists” won’t acknowledge where the money comes from.

    Here is an idea for your “anti-gun” stores. K-Mart. You can get Michael Moore to bring a camera to their headquarters asking them to implement a roundup program with the proceeds going to the Brady Campaign.

  5. What's more socially responsible, pushing the failed policies of gun control that disarm good people while criminals can still break the law and get guns easily? Or trying to protect one of our unalienable rights?

    Suggesting the NRA is responsible for gun-related violence is like suggesting AAA is responsible for drunk drivers that kill and injure people, or that the Motorcycle Safety Foundation is responsible for motorcyclists that outrun cops.


  6. Orygunner, Even I know what the inalienable rights are. You better brush up, my man.

    FWM, Thanks for that good laugh, the anti-gun store. That's pretty good.

  7. Instead of crying like a left-wing wimp, you ought to learn from Midway & NRA and do the same. Start a program that rounds up on every purchase of granola, birkenstock sandals, tie-dye t-shirt, "medical" marijuana, bongo drum, etc. etc. etc. But there is a can't take the guns that are lawfully owned. Even if you passed the law, soo many cops would die they themselves would refuse to enforce it.

  8. Anonymous, thanks for a good chuckle, bongo drums, indeed.