Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Incredible Bob S.

Over on japete's blog, Bob S. wrote one of those terribly tedious diatribes using quote after quote from the Bible to justify gun ownership. I responded by saying anyone can play that game, so here's mine.

I'd like to play too. Jesus said turn the other cheek. He said forgive your ememies. He gave an example of it by allowing himself to be crucified.

To that Bob, never one to be outdone, responded:


We covered "turning the other cheek" over on my blog.

At the time, it was socially, morally and legally acceptable for a superior rank to strike an inferior rank (lord/vassal or master/slave).

Note that it was LEGAL. For an inferior to strike back it would be breaking the law. Jesus' parable would and was fully understood at the time.

By turning the other cheek, the inferior was non-verbally stating that (s)he considered himself/herself to be equal with the person who struck them.

A corollary for today would be a law enforcement officer, while performing his job, striking a person. It is illegal to physically resist.

The understood message was to non-violently resist lawful but morally wrong violence.

Criminals raping, robbing or trying to murder people do not fall into this category.

Or are you trying to tell me you wouldn't fight a criminal trying to rape your wife, to murder your children?
I don't think so.
Now, I don't know about you, but that's just too bizarre for words in my opinion. And, consider this, for Biblical interpretation, we must take the meaning within the context of the times, according to Bob, but when interpreting the 2nd Amendment, we disregard that thinking altogether. That, Bob says, must be taken literally, with all the focus on the "shall not be infringed part," of course.

What's your opinion? Is using the Bible to justify gun ownership about the silliest thing you ever heard of?

I think so.  What's your opinion?  Please leave a comment.

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