Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Offensive Gunloon Comment of the Day

Over at New Trajectory, commenter sofa equates gun control with slavery:
Gun Control Laws only make law abiding citizens less able to defend themselves.
Interestingly, none of the gunloons, like Sean D. Sorrentino or Bob S., disagreed with Sofa.  Must mean they concur.
 The details of how much gun regulation you support, misses the point entirely. Like arguing how much slavery is ok, and under what conditions, and how many generations, and what percent blood. Such discussion is offensive.
There shall not be slavery. And the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.


  1. Sadly, racist comments have not been uncommon at New Trajectory. Here's one by another commenter, which I deleted without posting:

    "When we hear “compromise” we actually hear “get in the back of the bus nigger. And don’t complain, we are letting you ride the bus after all.” When we see a property with a sign saying “No guns allowed” what we see is “No Blacks, Spics or Chinks” or water fountains that say “For White People Only.” When we see in the news that a legislature wants to criminalize self-defense because they think police should be the only ones armed (and not because they can actually stop crime when it happens, they know better than that) or a prosecutor seeking political notoriety decides to drop the powers of his office on a law abiding citizen that had to defend himself with a gun, what we see is a crowd of idiots dressed in white robes and hoods, lynching a good man under the light of a burning cross."

    As if there is any comparison at all to the centuries of brutality, dehumanization, and discrimination of an entire race of people in our nation! Our attempts to improve public safety and make it more inconvenient for them to buy assault rifles hardly compares to lynching!

    Really! Proposed gun control measures do not remove a person's right to purchase and use a gun for self-defense, but rather to bring a level of common sense to what guns can be purchased and preventing their use by those who would abuse that right. This is hardly "discrimination."

  2. The Supreme Court was pretty clear that it can be regulated and is not absolute. Slavery is a stupid analogy to gun control.

  3. The analogy isn't too bad. By law, slaves couldn't own guns. And if the gun controllers had their way, by law, there would be entire classes of guns and accessories that supposedly free people couldn't own.

  4. Gun owners love to associate us with the KKK and themselves with all the oppressed folks throughout history. This is simply a manifestation of the mental illness prevalent among them, called Grandiose Victimism.