Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Proper Texas Gun Attitude

This is a fascinating story

A Texas City is accused of pulling a gun on a group of children after school and locking them inside the business following a shoplifting incident.

An 8-year-old girl later told her mother that she was held at gunpoint.

Several children were in the store Friday when the clerk spotted two of them stealing candy, officials said. They ran outside, dropping some of the stolen items on the ground.

The girl was not among the children suspected of shoplifting. She told her mother a clerk pointed the pistol at her.

The pistol was not fired and there were no reported injuries, officials said.

The girl's mother called Texas City police later that evening.

On Monday, police said they will consult with county child advocates before interviewing the girl.
Texas City police recovered a Glock semiautomatic pistol from the store that resembled the handgun described by the girl. They also want to review any possible store security tapes.

The clerk has not yet been questioned. Police also want to question the other children and an adult customer who reportedly was in the store as well.

"We are not filing criminal charges based just on what she (the 8-year-old) said," Goetschius said.
You certainly can't take an 8-year-old's word that a man pulled a gun on her, she's not responsible enough for that. Yet, if she takes her daddy's gun and gets caught, she'd definitely have to answer for that one.

Doesn't it sometimes seem that in places like Texas, they bend over backwards to excuse the misuse of guns, at least when it's done by one of their own. If it's a kid or a drug addict, there's zero tolerance, but if it's one of the so-called legitimate gun owners, they get plenty of slack.

Why is that?  Please leave a comment.

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  1. It's Texas for crying out loud. Texas. That Spanish for, "Ignorant and Proud of It".