Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Poll: Americans Favor Stricter Gun Control

USA Today:
Americans favor stricter gun control laws and better mental health screening and support to prevent mass shootings, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll found.


  1. Today Mayors Against Illegal Guns published results of a survey of 1003 registered votes, including gun owners and non-owners, that shows this as well:

  2. I just wrote something about the Mayors Against Illegal Guns poll over on, addint to it the pdf link of their letter calling for the adequate funding for the NCIS database, which is what the federal background check is supposed to rely on. After the 2007 mass shooting at Virginia Tech, the maintenance of that data base was improved - slightly. It increased to some 1 million names, but there are another 2 million names that haven't been added of people who are not legally allowed to purchase guns. In Arizona, one of the worst states for providing such names, only a little over 4,000 names out of an approximately 122,000 names have been submitted.

    The solution to gun violence is to stop people who shouldn't have guns getting guns illegally.

    It is not for the rest of us to have to go armed to the teeth like a fantasy character out of some violent computer or video game.

    Check out the web site of mayors against illegal - note that is ILLEGAL guns, not legal 2nd Amendment guns.

  3. This report puts the lie to what we hear so often from the gun crowd.

    Most gun owners agree with us on such things as background checks.